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How to produce more cum: A guide to improve your sperm count!

Most men are happy getting to know that they have a bigger penis size. This boosts their confidence and even pleases their partners with the size. But that is not all! One of the biggest reasons of men not performing well on bed is their notion of having not ejaculated enough. And this notion is so high that it creates anxiety, dissatisfaction, fears of disappointment, relationship problems and of course induced erectile dysfunction.

According to WHO, An average man is known to ejaculate 3-5 milliliters or a teaspoon of cum by volume.

But that is not seemed sufficient by men of today. Inspired by the popular pornography videos or just having the idea that more cum indicates masochism, wanting to cum more has become a trend amidst men wanting better sexual experiences. Low cum is a symbol of worry, tension and reduced performance of bed.
It for those who really worry about the volume of cum, that we have something really important lined up for you!

Guide  to Increase Sperm Count

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Quick facts about ejaculation!

• Men ejaculate the most during the peak ages of their life i.e. 30-35 years of age.
• The volume of ejaculation keeps decreasing as the age increase
• Obese men have a reduced sperm count as compared to fit men
• Snacking reduces the quality and taste of cum.
• Too much substance abuse i.e. smoke, alcohol, etc damage the sperm count big time.
• One teaspoon of ejaculation is just the right volume for men to ejaculate.

Extreme pressure decreases sperm quality!

pressure decrease sperm quality

Men who try to work on how to cum fast and cum more are ignorant of the fact that pressure on the body can in fact damage the sperm count and severely harm sperm production. The body wasn’t designed to indulge into sexual intercourse multiple times a day. So people who believe in doing it like rabbits need to put a pause to their habits and really be mindful of their patterns.

There needs to be a good recovery time between the acts to let the semen develop.

Repeated ejaculations happening in a short period of time is likely to degrade the quality of sperm produced as well as the quantity of cum ejaculated. And therefore if you indulge in too much intercourse, cum production shall definitely decrease.
Same is the case with unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and other substance abuse. Tobacco is known to reduce the supply of minerals and nutrients which causes the testicles to produce sperm. Additionally it also makes the blood flow to the penis slow down leading to even tougher erections. Substance abuse can severely harm the DNA structure of the body bringing about fertility issues in men.
Some other habits that can be dangerous in reducing cum production is too much of exercise and soaking the body in high temperatures of water. It might feel like a therapy to have a schedule of over workout but too much of anything is bad for the body. Instead of choosing to indulge into workout several hours a day, keep it short and crisp of about 1 hour a day!

The need to produce more cum and shoot loads!

facts about ejaculationMen associate their ability to cum with their masculinity. Cumming has a psychological effect on men. Watching their own cum after having a satisfying sexual intercourse brings about a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation. Therefore if they aren’t shooting loads of it there is bound to be concerns about their sexuality.

Porn industry has triggered the need for men to cum more volume – much like the videos. People like to imitate what they watch!

Besides, some men believe that when they are producing more cum they are able to satisfy their partner better. Production of semen is a sign of fertility in men. It indicates how men are sufficient in making their partner pregnant, if the need be. Therefore after watching porn they regularly question themselves on how to produce more cum. Watching porn and understanding that women enjoy watching men cum, there arises a need in men to cum more.

What matters more – quality or quantity?

If you are unhappy with your ejaculation, you are probably not the only one in the world. To be able to cum more volume of semen is a pleasurable activity for men. And the larger the volume, the pleasurable it gets. But is it just the volume that matters? What about the quality? Understandably, men aren’t concerned about the quality of their sperm, but that is what matters when you are planning a family!

There are 50 to 200 million sperms in one milliliter of semen. Anything below this is considered low sperm count!

Sperm count is the distinguished factor influencing cum volume. When you are producing more sperm, there is bound to be an increase in cum volume.

Tricks that may help you load up good!

tips to increase sperm count

To be able to optimally produce more cum naturally, there is nothing as satisfying as following a healthy lifestyle. To load up more, keep these tricks into mind!
• Hydrate yourself: The least you can do to keep yourself healthy is drink up a lot of fluids. When your body is dehydrated it shall not produce enough semen. To boost cum volume it is important to drink a lot of water, juices like that of pineapple, carrot, beetroot, banana shake etc.

• Schedule your sexual indulgence: Too much indulgence into sexual activities and ejaculating each time can be harsh for you. Your body isn’t programmed to cum 10 times a day. To best be able to produce more quality semen, give your body a break for at least a day. Take a break of a day between each ejaculation and watch your sperm quality and quantity increase.

• Stay away from heat: Soaking into hot water bath, wearing tight clothes or being drenched in sweat only reduces the sperm count. Try to keep your genitals airy and cooler than the rest of your body. Taking normal water bath and wearing loose clothes might just work for you!

• Exercise: For most people the main problem is – why do I cum so fast?! And the immediate solution to this problem is exercise. There are special exercises for men to hold on to their ejaculation and cum more but while keeping it slow. Kegel Exercises aim at strengthening the pubic muscles and giving it an ability to hold. Indulge into exercises as it flushes out the toxins and helps your body produce optimal semen.

• Stress relieving activities: Stress is one of the reasons affecting work and sex life equally. It is best to indulge into some stress relieving activities like painting, walking, dancing, meditating, singing etc so as to let go that stressful vibe and feel relieved. When you are at your most relaxed self mode, you are able to perform better on bed and produce more semen.

• Vitamins and minerals: Having a balanced diet that loads your body of the needed vitamins and minerals is very important. Lack in nutrition can be one of the possible reasons of reduced sperm count. Try to eat healthy and put in balanced nutrition into your body for better orgasms.
P.S. Avoid remedies like supplements, jellies, and medications which promise increase in sperm count. They are just placebo giving you a sense of satisfaction!

Kinky Sex Ideas that might work!

kinky sex ideas

Sometimes a good ejaculation takes just a little added thrill for you. Exploring something exciting can bring about hard orgasms in minutes because having a good ejaculation has a lot to do with psychology rather than just physical aspects. Try on some kinky sex ideas to simulate the senses and watch your pleasure levels rise.
• Stand in front of a mirror when indulging into sexual activity with your partner. A good view inf the mirror shall be reason enough for you to enjoy the act even more. Be it blowjob or just intimate moments between you, the view will increase your cum ejaculation.

• Blindfold yourself or your partner and get teased. Props like feather, chocolate, scarf, ice etc work wonders on tickling the senses and making you more thrilled about it. You are bound to have a better orgasm.

• If you’re wondering how to cum fast then indulge into new sex positions that have sure been your fantasies. Go for advanced blowjob positions to have fast sex and cum more.

• Imitate an erotica novel to get into the steamiest session you have ever had. It will teach you the patience, the urge and then finally make you enjoy the thrill of indulgence in a new way.

• Masturbate side by side. There is nothing sexier than watching your partner and yourself want it. But hey! you aren’t going to touch each other!

Do women like cum?

women like cum

About 60% of women have reported intense orgasms because their partners came intensely too. And this is accompanied by strong sexual intercourse, better moaning and the feeling of fulfillment.

Women orgasms are directly related to men orgasms. And this is irrespective of the quality, quantity or texture of the semen produced!

When their partners are known to have derived pleasure from activity and cum, women experience better orgasm too! However it is not to be confused with swallowing cum after a blow job – that is an individual choice for most women. Not all women would like to taste their partners cum or take it on their body parts.

Fast sex or slow – what works best?

fast or slow sex

After indulging into foreplay and getting into the act, men are known to speed-up as they progress towards an orgasm. The faster the thrusts are the easier they find it to cum. But with women the idea is a rather opposite one. Slow orgasms are the best!
And if you look at it closely, you are able to cum more when you delve into the act slowly and let your body build up on the load. When you take time and indulge into the act completely, your body is able to produce more semen and thus accelerates the volume of semen too.
For some people the thrill of indulging into a quickie might be the trigger point and bring in more ejaculation. It is more about the excitement and adventure that you experience than just the speed!

Words of Wisdom!

Producing more cum takes a dedicated lifestyle and allowance of some recovery time for your time in between the ejaculations. When you indulge into sexual intercourse make sure that you have the adventure and drive that makes the act interesting. Try kinky sex ideas or play with your fantasies to uplift your mood and performance. Your ejaculation is the representation of how healthy you are!
When the temperature on the bed rises, there are brighter chances of having a better ejaculation!

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