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    Levitra 40mg is one of the higher dosages of Vardenafil, which is used to treat Erectile Dysfunction in men. Generic Levitra 40 mg tablets are prescribed when lower dosages of Vardenafil do not work out as efficiently as expected. Like any other Erectile Dysfunction medication or drug, Levitra also works by increasing blood flow to corpus cavernosa/penile tissues ensuring blood holds in these tissues and makes them hard enough to drive a firm and lasting erection.

    Why Take Generic Levitra 40mg Tablets?

    Erectile Dysfunction is not a completely curable problem but several medications options are available in the market which is greatly helpful in that case. Levitra is one of the best options. Such medications ensure one gets erections through a reasonable increase in the blood circulation in the penis in the case of males while stimulating female sexual organs to ready them through an urge for sex to satisfy and enjoy a pleasant sexual experience. Once you take medication, you remain active for at least 4 to 5 hours and therefore perform sex to the best extent possible.

    How to Use Levitra 40mg

    Use Levitra 40mg as per the direction of your doctor. You can take this drug by mouth with or without food. It is advised to take that for at least an hour before willing to be involved in the sexual activity. Avoid taking this medication more often than once daily as its overdose might create other health complications for you.

    You are also advised not to eat any grapefruit or drink grapefruit juices while taking generic Levitra tablets because they may cause side effects. In a situation where you miss out on a dose of Levitra 40 mg and still intend to have sexual intercourse, take the drug as soon as you remember. In case it is already too late, then skip your missed dose and go with that as per the direction of your doctor.

    Dosage of Levitra 40mg

    Your doctor decides your dosage of generic Levitra 40 mg after assessing your health condition. Take this medication as prescribed to you only. Don’t take two tablets with this perception to enjoy more sex as its side effect would become worsening. The effect of this drug is for at least 4 to 5 hours. So, you can definitely enjoy sexual intercourse during that time period. If you miss a dose or take an overdose of Levitra 40mg tablets, you must contact your doctor immediately. In case you are experiencing some side effects due to this medication, stop taking it and inform your doctor sooner to find out some other solution.  

    Storage of Generic Levitra 40 mg

    Since it is important to keep any medicine good to ensure it stays in its most potent form and works as expected, there are some storage instructions one can follow. Keep Levitra tablets in a cool and dark place. This medication is not meant for women, children or pets therefore keep it away from them.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How to Decide The Dosage for Generic Levitra?

    Ans. There are many factors responsible while deciding the dosage of generic Levitra. Apart from your general health, the effectiveness of this drug on you also helps a doctor to decide your dosage. Levitra does not work equally for everybody. Some men find 10mg effective, while for others 40mg generic Levitra remains best suitable.  

    Usually, doctors start Levitra dosages from 10mg and gradually increase to 20mg, 30mg and 40mg respectively as and when and if required so. Once you start getting hard rock erections out of that, you are advised to continue the certain dosage suiting you better.  

    What Happens If You Take 40 mg of Levitra?

    Generic Levitra 40 mg basically gets into your system and bloodstream. Within 30-45 minutes it stimulates the blood vessels, expands them and eventually increases blood flow to penis for a strong and lasting erection. Moreover, even other ED Medication or drugs like Levitra work the same way.

    How to Take Generic Levitra 40 mg?

    Whether it be generic Levitra or any other ED medication, it can be taken with water, however, it is good to remember a few things to get the best out of it and to avoid possible side effects. It is always suggested to take Levitra either an empty stomach or with lite food intake. Moreover, practicing regular exercising, nutritious diet, yoga, meditation, and avoiding smoking and alcohol can also help by improving one’s cardiovascular health. 

    How Long Does Levitra 40 mg Last?

    Generic Levitra 40 mg takes around 30-45 minutes to get into the system and start showing its noticeable effects. A single dosage of Levitra can last its effect up to 4-6 hours depending on individual health. Practicing good lifestyle habits can boost the effectiveness of the medication, indeed.

    Is It Safe to Take Generic 40mg of Levitra?

    Yes, any dosage of generic Levitra 40 mg or any other ED medication until it does not overdose. Overdosing drugs like Vardenafil can lead to serious health issues related to blood. To ensure safety, one should be concerned about the precautions given along with the medication. Most commonly, it is suggested to take only one tablet of Vardenafil within 24 hours. 

    Can I Take Two Levitra 40 mg Tablets at Once for More Pleasure?

    Ans. No, you cannot and shouldn’t take Levitra 40mg pills more than what is being prescribed to you. If you took an overdose of Levitra, you must contact your doctor immediately. Side effects might deteriorate your health.

    Doctors usually advise one tablet in a day. So, take that as prescribed. Overdose or missed dose might lead to certain side effects or complications. Senior citizens who are above 65 years or have liver problems should take only lower doses of Levitra like 10 mg and 20mg.

    Does Generic Levitra Interact With Other Medications?

    Well, any medication containing some drug components can be reactant to some other specific medications. In the case of Levitra or other ED medications, medications containing nitrates can interact with it and may cause serious health issues. So, it is suggested to avoid nitrate-based medications when you are intaking generic 40 mg Levitra tablets.

    How Often Can I Take Levitra 40mg?

    Ans. You should take generic Levitra 40 mg tablets as prescribed by your doctor. Usually, doctors prescribe one Levitra tablet per day. You must also avoid taking it every day. Take it when you intend to engage in sexual intercourse. It is better to have this pill one hour before willing to do the sexual activity. However, its effect lasts for at least 4 to 5 hours.

    Can Generic Levitra 40 mg be Taken by Women Too?

    Ans. No, this drug is not tested on women. Generic Levitra 40 mg tablets are meant for men only who have problems while having sex. It comes in different dosages; you being a man must consult a doctor before buying these drugs.

    For women, Femigra has been introduced in the market. It works through increasing blood flow to their genitals to develop sexual urges in them. Females should buy it only after consulting their gynecologists.

    How to Place an Online Order for Generic Levitra (Vardenafil) 40mg?

    Ans. Many online pharmacies are selling generic Levitra 40 mg online at cost-effective rates. Search a few registered online pharmacies and place your order. You will get the drugs in a sealed packet. If the packet is open, then do not take it and refund immediately.

    You will also get discounts time after time. Make sure you use the medications, which are not expired. Expired medication may lead to many health complications.

    Disclaimer: The articles on Bluekama are research and information based content from medical societies and governmental agencies. They are not substitute to professional medical approach, diagnosis, advice, or treatment. If you have any medical queries or concerns, please consult with a doctor or your personal healthcare provider.


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