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Cenforce Overview:

Cenforce is a medication that is employed to treat erectile dysfunction and is an excellent alternative to Viagra. It is a prescription drug that can only be consumed for medicinal purposes.

You can get Cenforce only when you have a prescription from a doctor from both online and offline pharmacies. The active ingredient present in the Cenforce is sildenafil, which is a PDE-5 inhibitor. It is also known to boost the blood flow to the penis that further provides a firm erection.

Cenforce is manufactured by Centurion Laboratories and is not Viagra but has the same effects and components as Viagra. It is available in various potencies and the right one for you will be given by the doctor.

How Long Does Cenforce Take To Work?

Cenforce pills are PDE-5 inhibitors that work by impeding the action of PDE-5 enzymes in the penis. It increases the blood flow to the penis and relaxes the tissues present around it. A person who is suffering from erectile dysfunction must consume a minimum dosage of Cenforce 100mg as a prescription drug with a glass of water orally.

Have Cenforce before 30 to 40 minutes of involvement in any sexual activity. Pills of Cenforce have sildenafil that can improve cGMP level in the heart that can boost the blood flow in the veins. As soon as blood flow increases, a person gets a firm and hard erection.

With an increase in cGMP level, tissues will experience a lower nitric oxide, which is the primary cause of erectile dysfunction. Hence Cenforce will take about an hour or two to start showing its action.

How Often Do You Take Cenforce?

Cenforce contains an active ingredient that is Sildenafil Citrate. And Sildenafil is a medicine which you can take consistently. It is protected to consume each day, beginning at 25mg or 50mg per portion with the choice to go up to a 100mg portion for the individuals who need it.

On the off chance that you have no tricky prior medical problems and you’re not taking other ED drugs simultaneously, you can take Sildenafil a few days straight. If you have the opportunity and energy, that is.

Also, you must consult a doctor on how many days you can take Cenforce in a month. According to persisting situations in the body, your doctor might also ask you to consume it on each alternate day. Also never consume more than the prescribed amount by the doctor.

How Long Before Sex Should You Take Cenforce?

It is evident that from 30 minutes to an hour is the necessary period for sildenafil to work for erectile dysfunction. In myriad cases, it also takes  2 hours to show its outcomes and hence you ought to wait.

Swallow a pill of sildenafil for as long as 4 hours before you desire to have intercourse. You can consume 30 minutes or an hour before of involving indulging in sex. If you desire the best result and Cenforce to work appropriately, you should be physically excited. The normal portion is 50mg when you need it.

Also, you must have only one pill per day as prescribed by the doctor. Never consume it after you have had a high-fat meal and avoid drinking alcohol on it. Loosen up and pause for it to operate.

How Many Doses Are Available?

Cenforce pills for impotence come in numerous integrity and doses going from 25mg to 100mg. The most common amount that your doctor will prescribe you is 50mg. Consume it when you need it and one time per day.

The portion that you are asked to consume can be expanded to 200mg or diminished to 25mg contingent upon its impact. Devour Cenforce as long as 4 hours before you need to immerse in sexual relations. For sildenafil to work appropriately, you should be physically energized.

Here are some doses available on Bluekama:

Who Can Take Cenforce?

As it is a prescription-only medication people with consent from a doctor can only consume it.  A person that is below 18 in the age is not considered eligible to have it. It must not be consumed by teenagers and kids due to side effects. It should be taken by the person who has impotence.

Who Should Avoid Cenforce?

A person who is on nitrates and any other medications must stay away from it until they get approval from a doctor. People who are using Cenforce recreationally must not have it. If you are allergic to any ingredient in Cialis or if the medicine is not working for you don’t consume it.

Where To Store Cenforce At Home?

You must store Cenforce carefully and away from the light in your house. It must be protected from light and heat. Also, keep it at the place where your children cannot reach it.  Stores in cool places where the effectiveness of medicine remains preserved.

What Are The Side Effects of Cenforce?

There are not any major side effects of Cenforce if you consume it as per prescription. But as common side effects, you might have to face headache, flushing, issues in vision and hearing, and stomach pain. All of these will fade in no time.

Best Time To Have Cenforce

You must experiment with the time to find out the best time at which sildenafil is more effective for you. For some people, it is effective at night while for others in the morning. It might look funny but it is true. In general, you can have Cenforce before 30minutes of having sex.

What Food To Eat Before Taking Cenforce?

There is no certain food that increases or decreases the efficiency of Cenforce. It does not matter if you take it before or after having a meal. But to get the best results you have to avoid having high-fat meals as it can hinder the efficiency of Cenforce. Having it on an empty or filled stomach is all your choice.

Does Cenforce Make Hormonal Changes?

Cenforce is not proven to cause major hormonal changes yet but yes it causes hot flashes solely due to hormones’ alterations This gives a hint of evidence of changes in hormones.

Why Should You Buy Cenforce Online?

Buying Cenforce online is beneficial than buying it offline as they are cheap in price.  Also,  you can find the best quality Cenforce delivered to your doorstep and you need not get embarrassed at the store. It remains completely private and you will not be asked any questions.

Does Cenforce Boost Testosterone?

Studies are ongoing to determine the effect of Cenforce on testosterone levels. As Cenforce is a PDE-5 inhibitor it for sure has a positive impact on testosterone production. To date, many men have experienced a boost in testosterone due to Cenforce.

Is Cenforce Safe For Women To Use?

The drug has been around for many years now and a question was also raised that can women use it. But after research, it is still not allowed to be used by women. This might also have increased blood flow to the genitals, So Many doctors suggest avoiding these drugs for women. You can get this drug from the pharmacy for your partners.


Cenforce is an excellent and doctor-trusted drug that can have a magical effect on erectile dysfunction. Consume it an hour before you want to have intercourse. Bear in mind that you must be sexually stimulated to get an erection, it won’t work all by itself. Also, Cenforce is not appropriate to be used by females. Men must have Cenforce as prescribed by the doctor.




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