Good Morning Sex Why It Should be a Part of Your Life

Good Morning Sex: Why It Should be a Part of Your Life?

Get up, get ready, show up! Aren’t we all programmed to live a lifestyle like that? Our alarm clock defines what we should be doing even before we open our eyes. And in the moments of the mornings when we should be left alone to enjoy a little of vulnerability, freshness, and cozy feelings, we rush off to the washroom and start with the race to reach early somewhere.

And no matter how hard it seems for most of us, we do it with extra energy!

With good morning sex, there is so much more than alarms snooze, double espresso shots, and treadmill sweats. Or maybe it is a thrill that combines all of it and still casts a glow on your face. And instead of tapping the snooze buttons on your cell phone, you get to…. Well.. Umm, we’ll let you finish on that one!

In the morning haze, when you are at your most comfortable, vulnerable, cozy, and lazy self, there is your partner next to you with all their charm and interest wrapping arms around you and ready to take you on a ride. The feeling of waking up next to an eager partner sure hell rings the senses more than any other alarm clock would.

And when you dig into their arms, read the pulse, smell their skin and join in for an extra delicious moment, it is more like being treated to a freshly baked dessert – delicious and indulgent.

Morning sex is both indulging, and comforting. It uplifts your senses and gives you reasons to be happy the entire day. And so it is safe to say that all the buzz that surrounds the enigmatic word “Wake up Sex” is still underrated!

How You Can have a Happy sex

Why ‘Good morning sex’? – The plus of it!

morning couple sex

Having good morning sex is much like waking up to the feeling of being wanted, cherished, and loved. And even if it isn’t about being with someone you are in love with, the eagerness surely is a yummy feeling.

Of course ‘rise and bang’ has its perks. Apart from breaking the conventional notion that sex is only a night activity, it brings about a feeling that time really wasn’t a factor! Ever!

And right when you complete a good night’s sleep and wake up with freshness, the nirvana of indulgence takes you to another world. So divine that you start wondering what were you thinking the entire time.

A happy sex lets you begin your day in a relaxed mode. Instead of getting into bed all annoyed and frustrated after a hard day at work and thriving hard to get over with it, you get to start your day fresh and fantastic. Can we say it is good for your relationship, hormones, and moods? Well, it sure is!

Morning sex sets your morning on a positive note letting you feel the sensations and thrill the entire day. It fills you up with a feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness. And because you already got laid early in the morning, you don’t take life that bad.

How it can brighten up your day!

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Orgasms are good for the brain! It doesn’t just improve the blood flow to the important organs for good sex, but also passes nutrients to the brain that activates and makes it feel free. The pleasure derived from young sex early in the morning results in the secretion of a lot of hormones which are enough to beat the stress, cast a glow on your face, and keep you happy.

Men have higher testosterone levels and libido early in the morning. Capitalizing on that helps have a pleasurable time and experience better intimacy!

Good sexual intercourse in the morning can lead to the release of oxytocin – the hormone that makes you bond with others. It helps improve dopamine, the feel-good neurotransmitter helping you have happy feelings. And of course endorphins – the hormone that lets your skin glow just like a workout would. The a.m. sex sessions don’t necessarily need to be a wholesome act, even a quickie can help you start your day on an energizing, exciting, and happy note.

It’s a good morning sex with morning wood!

man with morning wood

Morning wood – the phenomenon of nocturnal erections in men is an indicator of their health and wellness. About 25% of the time of their sleep, men spend with an erection. And because in the early hours of the day the man usually has the highest levels of testosterone and lowest of stress or fatigue, these morning boners are more like a blessing in disguise. A morning wood or erection is intense, rogue, persistent, and way harder than a normal erection.

That being said, if you are waking up next to your partner with their skin touching you and the ease of getting closer to them, sexual stimulation becomes a much more natural process. The undisputed erection and an enigmatic intimate moment raise the temperatures so high that it doesn’t end until there is excavation. This is probably the reason why men have their best sex ever in the mornings.

Morning wood isn’t necessarily an indicator that a man is aroused for sex, but is definitely a reason for sexual stimulation, intimacy, and cuddling leading to intercourse. It is your chance to make use of the hardest erection in the day to have a blissful morning. So Ladies! It’s time to make a move!

Workout + Intimacy + happy hormones – The rush you have been looking for!

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We all have been programmed that sex is a night activity. After having finished our day at work, we plan to end the day in the arms of another person, letting that frustration go away to sleep. The bus is that it? Is sex only a window to throw out your stress, frustration, and anger after having a hard day at work? Or is it a rush of hormones, drive of the body, and a need that truly makes you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and satisfied? We’ll go with the latter!

Well, morning sex isn’t just sex, but a convergence of happiness, intimacy, energy, workout, pleasure, and of course a ride of feelings early in the morning.

Sex is an exercise that burns five calories a minute. It’s a bit of cardio, a lot of Yoga, and meditation to begin your day with!

Spending time with your partner on the bed, cuddling, and routing through to their intimate parts is an adventure on its own. The freshness of the morning, the rise in the hormones, and the ride of the actions take you through a ride of workout which can bring about sweating, energy, and activeness, that even a good workout seem to fail. Unlike traditional workouts, here, the person experiences a rush of feelings inside them, hard pumping of blood, and an ingrained sense of satisfaction that is unmatchable.

If you have been going through a dull phase in your life that seems to create a void, having sex in the morning can uplift your senses and fill you with the rush that you have been seeking. It takes you out of the sex rut and makes you explore the YOU that you haven’t met yet!

Does morning sex mean love?

young couple on bed

Sex is a faraway land of physical intimacy but connected to love with a thread! And it would be wrong to say that all kinds of sex happen for or with love! While sex is about physical intimacy, love encapsulates a lot of emotions in a person.

Just like a one-night stand does not happen for love, morning sex can be free of love too!

People have this notion that when you sleep a night with a person and wake up to morning sex, it involves feelings. Well, the feeling can be that of intimacy or a grown interest in the person. But not definitely love.

The existing notion that sex happens in the dark and love happens in the light needs to change. Having sex is only about sex and should not always be love.

Just like spending a sensuous moment with a person does not involve love, a random date leading to sex isn’t love.  Morning sex isn’t loved too unless there is an ‘I love you’ or another expression of love involved. And as long as you get to start your day with the thrill of ‘being laid’ early in the morning, it is all okay.

It’s okay – to get up to freshen up!

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Not all men or women are comfortable digging into each other early in the morning. Especially the ones who take their body odor, hygiene, and the need to freshen up too seriously! Good morning sex doesn’t necessarily mean sex to be the first thing in the morning in its literal sense. One can take a time out and skip some moments into freshening up, go for a pee, brush their teeth, take a shower or maybe brew some coffee too.

And if you want some help, you can take your partner for a shower together. Shower sex has been one of the best couple sex ideas to indulge in for an incredibly sexy start to the day. It helps you freshen up, feel good, clean up and stick to the rise and bang feel too. Plus you save some water too!

P.S. Water isn’t good for your natural lubrication. Make sure you use a silicone-based lube to ease through the process!

Why it’s the best for your health?

male female heartbeat

Sex has a deep impact on your physical, mental and emotional health. It validates your feeling of satisfaction, takes away your stress, and sure gives you a host of hormonal rise that increases your wellbeing. What would seem like just a rave of enjoying intimacy like a hungry animal would is actually a lot beneficial for your health. Here’s how!

  • Couple sex brings about a burst of hormones like oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine which help you feel good, reduce stress, get the glowing skin and of course bond with the other person.
  • It lets you get into an exercise mode, burning calories much like a 20 minute cardio session would, but this time on bed.
  • Having a great orgasm early in the morning creates a chain of biological reactions activating your brain and creating more energy in you.
  • Having good morning sex three times a week lessens the chances of a heart stroke or attack!
  • You are sure to have a happy and stress free day as the feeling of the morning bliss will stay with you entire day.
  • The pumping of blood, sweat and diving into the sex positions makes your body muscles toned and flexible. It takes care of a lot of health issues and diseases.
  • The breakthrough from the regular sexual script instills an adventurous feel with new excitement and urges that is great for your mental health.

But wait – are you getting late?

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Even the best of reasons citing the benefits of indulging in morning sex isn’t enough for some people to get them on it! Some men are apprehensive of getting into the act early in the morning. Others take their jobs so seriously that spending some more time on the bed after the clock has rung feels like a struggle.

Yes, a morning sex session can cause a delay to your usual routine and can invite a day filled with tasks that are being delayed one after another.  And it can be stressful too! The wise choice is to wake up a little early or keep snuggling into your sleep with your partner to enjoy the moments and let the feelings take their own course.

P.S. Consent is important! Make sure you understand where your partner stands in the picture!

Shift those sheets and get going!

 Good morning sex can be an opportunity for you to break through the routine and experience physical intimacy in a different way. It promises an orgasm early in the morning – and offer that is hard to deny.

Shift through your morning strides and explore the ingrained sexual desires in you because the day might just get better with it. And with a little protection, it’s a heavenly experience!


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