25 Unknown Secrets to Lead a Happy and Healthy Sex Life

Everybody wants to have a wonderful sex life. There are many people around the world, who want to improve their sexual lives. In this article, we’ll discuss all things you can incorporate in your daily life to enhance your sexual performance and lead a healthy & happy sex life.

Here are the 25 Happy Sex Life Secrets

1) Maintain Physical Affection

One must try to maintain physical affection with his/her partner.
This will help you in maintaining an emotional relationship with your partner that will help you in having better sex.

2) One should Try Different Positions during Sex

It is advised that during sex, different positions should be tried. Doing sex in a single position becomes boring and one may lose spontaneity by having sex in a single position. Hence, it becomes essential for the couple to have sex in different positions.

3) Supplements and Medicines can Enhance your Sexual Performance

There are a lot of people, who are suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction. This problem is common in men who are in their 40s and the probability of having this problem increases with age.

To solve the problem of erectile dysfunction or low sexual stamina, one can go for drugs like Viagra, Lovegra, Cialis, and Levitra. The main reason for Erectile Dysfunction is low blood circulation in the penis. These drugs work by increasing the blood flow to the sexual organs. Hence, sex performance is boosted by taking these pills.

One can consult a good doctor and can take these pills based on the doctor’s advice. These pills are generally taken a few hours before having sex.

All the pills mentioned above are widely popular and are very useful in solving your sex problems. However, an overdose of these pills should be avoided.

4) Pay Heed to the Advice of Experts

One can take the advice of the experts to improve his / her sexual life marginally. There are times when there are problems between the couples and these problems can be solved by taking the experts’ advice. There are things that hold the person back from having quality sex. One can discuss his or her problems with experts and can even take sex therapies. These therapies tend to improve your sexual performance substantially.

5) Try to Educate Yourself

One should try to educate himself about various sexual issues he can face. There is a lot of information available on the Internet as well as a lot of books are available on these issues. Better knowledge about these will help the person to face these issues adequately.

6) Give Adequate Time to Yourself

It is a normal phenomenon that sexual performance gets weaker as age progresses. One should take care of himself and give adequate time to himself.

One can do exercise as well as take care of the meals and other things which help to uplift your mood. These things will help you to ultimately have better sex.

7) Don’t Avoid having Foreplay

It should be kept in mind that women take a little longer to be sexually aroused than men. Hence, there is a huge importance of foreplay in your sex session. This will lead to more natural sex and full arousal of both the partners, to have a better orgasm. The foreplay stimulates the blood to the genitals, which helps in having a strong orgasm as well as more fulfilling sex.

8) Consult your Doctor

There are possibilities that the person might be suffering from strange cramps or weird discharge while having sex. One should not hide this information from the doctor or gynecologist. They can help you to deal with these problems effectively. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed while discussing these issues as these may adversely affect your sexual life.

9) Doing Regular Exercises can Improve your Sex Life

Studies suggest that doing regular exercise has a positive effect on your sexual stamina. Thus, it is very important to do regular exercises and workouts. In fact, both the partners can involve themselves in doing exercise together.

This will develop an amicable environment as well as boost the sexual performance of both partners. Doing exercise regularly will also boost your self-confidence, which will be a winning situation for you and your partner.

10) Get Yourself Diagnosed

There are many people who suffer from medical ailments, which may cause hindrance in their sex. Thus, every person who is suffering from impaired sexual performance is advised to have all medical tests done. The medical tests will help you to find the actual reason behind the low sexual performance and will help to treat it.

11) Check your Ongoing Medications

There are times when you take regular medicines for some chronic disease and it may be affecting your sex drive. There are many medicines and drugs, which affect your sex drive negatively. Hence, one must consult the doctor regarding the effects of these medicines and how to encounter the effects of these medicines. There can be better alternatives to the medicines you are taking, without the side effects that you are facing.

12) You can Use Lubrication for Having Better Sex

At times, the dryness in the sexual organs causes pain during sex and these problems can be solved by taking artificial lubrication.

You can also discuss the issue with your doctor and he can help you in solving your problem.

13) Try to Relax

One can try out relaxation practices during an appropriate time of the day. Relaxation will help you to relieve stress which is a big hindrance in the process of having quality sex.

14) Eat the Right Food

The food that you eat has a great effect on your body and sexual performance. You should try to eat the foods which are good for your sexual stamina. There are many natural vegetables available in the market, which are very useful in enhancing your libido. On the other hand, poor food choice can affect your sexual performance negatively.

Try to have food, with low fats and more protein. Being overweight is a problem that further enhances the problems of impaired sexual performance. Hence, the person undergoing the sex problems should try to take the food which helps in losing weight.

15) Don’t Hesitate! Just Go For It!

If you are craving sex, you can take the initiative & go for it. You should not wait for long as well as should not hesitate in starting first. Go with the flow and everything will fall into its right place. This will also help you in improving your sexual performance.

16) One can Use Vibrator to Test the Sexual Response

Women can use a vibrator to understand their sexual response and this can be tried to attain orgasm during the time of actual sex.

17) Communication between the Partners is Important

Communication is a very important part of any relationship. Having proper communication is important even in the bedroom. The absence of proper communication between the partners can lead to problems, which may affect your sex life adversely. It is important to understand the feelings of your loved one and it can be understood only by having proper communication between the partners.

18) Give Importance to your Heart Health

You should have good heart health to perform better during sexual sessions. Having sex makes your heart healthy and a healthy heart aids in having quality sex. It is advised that one should do regular exercises as well as eat foods which make your heart healthy.

Problems like erectile dysfunction can arise if your heart is not working well. Hence, it is advised that all measures should be taken to improve cardiovascular health. One should try to avoid foods rich in fats and should take regular cardiovascular checkups.

19) Try to Avoid Alcohol

Studies have shown that having alcohol adversely affects your sexual performance. The sexual stamina gets deteriorated by excessive consumption of alcohol. Hence, for a person who wants to improve his/her sexual life and libido, he/she should limit the intake of alcohol.

20) Never Give Up while Having Sex

One should try to keep his confidence up and should not give up while having sex. One should try till the last to perform well during the sexual sessions.

21) Try to Relieve your Stress

Stress is considered the biggest hindrance in having quality sex. One should try to relieve stress by spending quality time in leisure activities. Relieving stress will help you to improve your sex life.

22) Keep your Office Engagements Out of Your Bedroom

One should try to spend quality time with his/her partner. The office engagements and office stress should be kept out of the bedroom.

23) Kegel Exercises is the Cure

The Kegel exercises are very good to boost sexual health. They help in boosting your sexual stamina as well as help you keep out of stress. These exercises are beneficial for both men & women and help to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

24) Natural Supplements Boost Sexual Performance

There are a lot of natural herbs available which can boost your sexual performance. Tongkat Ali and Horny Goat Weed are some examples.

25) Add Nitrates to Your Diet

Nitrous oxide is an important chemical, which boosts blood circulation in different parts of the body and to the sexual organs as well. Thus, sexual performance can be marginally boosted by taking nitrates, which converts to nitrous oxide in the body.

Thus, we have seen the key tips for improvement in the sexual lives of both males and females. There are a lot of ways to attain improvement in the sex lives but the major ones are listed above. The person facing a sexual problem or is encountering issues while having sex can read the tips mentioned above and follow them to get the benefits.

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