How to Sexually Please a Woman

A relationship can sustain for a long-only when the two partners understand each other and communicate properly. Pleasing your partner can be tough sometimes if you’re not the ultimate player that your partner needs. If you’re trying too hard to stay in the game, it’s time to slow down and let things ease up with the pace. Men usually get aroused easily and expect women to behave the same, but this isn’t the case.

Sex isn’t a pair of socks! You need to understand your partner’s deepest desires and know exactly what she needs. To be able to make love with a woman and please her sexually, you need to know certain things. Don’t worry for we have prepared a list for you to know what’s right for you and how you can ace the sex game.

Here are the 6 ways to Sexually Please a Women

1. Get to Know your Woman

You need to know your woman first before you can get things heated up. What is it that she wants from you? You might have heard of the saying, “Slow and steady wins the race.” If you need to be good in bed, you’ll have to prove it. Take your time and try to communicate with her. Try to find out what turns her on and go for it.

2. Don’t Expect things to Work out your Way

You might feel that it’s taking too long for your partner to get turned on. Well, it’s completely normal. Female bodies don’t work the same way as you expect them to do. You should understand your partner’s desires and not rush up things. Things cannot always work out the way you want them to. You can get hard within minutes, but it can take longer for your partner to achieve an orgasm.

3. Try to Compliment Her and Make her feel Special

Ask your partner about her likes and dislikes. You should make her feel that she’s unique. Talk about her body just as you would talk about her as a person. See! Now we’re talking. Find out what gives her more pleasure and let it sink in. In any case, do not talk about your ex or how you felt about the last orgasm you had with your ex-partner. You would piss her off by saying all these things.

4. Communication is the Key!

Talk to her. Ask her how she feels when you make a particular move. Make her feel confident in bed. Talk dirty to her! It’s good to do some dirty talking and open up. Give her time to feel your hands on her skin. Spend some time to explore her body and stimulate her. It might be difficult at first, but with practice, you’ll be able to do better. More pleasure for her means the better you two are in bed.

5. Gently go down on her

You should completely avoid the genitals at first. Don’t just be in a hurry to attack the vagina. Make gentle touches on her skin. Use your tongue to tickle her body parts. You could lick her ear and then move down to her neck and shoulders. Nibble nibble! Give her some gentle bites on her ear and her neck.  Pamper her by slowly moving down to her thighs. Yes! Right there.

Give her some soft touches on the clitoris and finger her slowly. Ask her if she likes it. You can play around with your tongue. You might not feel okay with it first. Think of it as kissing, but perform this action gently. Feel free to ask her to guide you the way to her body. It’ll only make her feel good.

6. Proceed for the final Touchdown

You really wanted to have good intercourse, didn’t you? Ask her out! If she’s ready, go for the final sexy move. Sex isn’t just about putting your penis inside her vagina. You really need to feel the depth of it and please her sexually. You could use a lubricant as well or use Viagra Don’t just barge into her like a ‘Rambo.’ Let her sort out things for you.

Could try various positions like the CAT position or a Doggy (which would help you to hit the G spot and provide her more pleasure). But don’t you stop kissing her in between your sexual sessions. Make love to her and make it pleasurable for both of you. So, now that you know how you can sexually please a woman, it becomes your foremost duty to care for your woman as well.

Do not at any cost expect her to have sex with you daily. Respect her choices and let her make her own decisions. Make her feel special at times by bringing her small presents or stuff that makes her happy. You would want to live a healthy and happy sex life, wouldn’t you? Then, don’t forget to respect your woman and make time for her.

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