Soft Penis: Is it a Reason to Worry?

We know that you’ve been worried all this while thinking about the size of your penis and that’s completely fine. Ask your partner if it matters whether you have a small penis or a huge one. It isn’t about the size of the penis but how well you perform in bed. Well, erections are important for you and a hard penis during sex will just be a cherry on the pie. However, soft or flaccid penises can also do the job. A soft penis is the one which is usually in a resting position and is hanging loosely. When you’re aroused or sexually stimulated, the soft penis changes into an erect (or hard) penis and a rush of blood can be experienced. This doesn’t mean that if your penis is soft, it is a case of an underlying health problem or there’s a lack of desire.

In this article, we’ll talk about the soft penis in detail and cover the following topics:

  1. Average Size of a Soft or Flaccid penis
  2. Health Concerns related to Soft Penis
  3. How to Please Your Partner if you have a Soft Penis
  4. The Bottom Line

Average Size of a Soft or Flaccid Penis


The penis stays at rest most of the time and so, it is hanging loosely and seems soft or flaccid.

  • The average size of a soft penis is around 3 to 4 inches.
  • The average girth (circumference of the penis) is around 3.5 inches.

However, in comparison to a flaccid penis, an erect penis can be much bigger.

  • The average size of an erect penis is anywhere around 4.5-6 inches.
  • The average girth of an erect penis is 4-5 inches.

The size of a penis can vary depending upon various conditions such as temperature. In cold temperatures, your penis may shrink to an even smaller size for a short period of time. Your body does this to protect your penis. Well, now you know the reason why your ‘Wiener’ looks like a peanut during winters.

It could happen that you’re suffering from a health disorder if you’re unable to achieve erections when you’re aroused or sexually stimulated. Let us discuss the causes of these health concerns in detail below.

Health Concerns Related to Soft Penis

Having a soft penis could sometimes be a problem as well. An erection is achieved when there is an interaction between the blood vessels, the CNS (Central Nervous System) and the muscles of the penis. If there’s any damage caused to any of these, a person is likely to lose an erection. This can also be caused due to some external factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, etc. and psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

A brief description of all the health-related concerns is discussed below:

 1. Cardiovascular Health

If you suffer from any cardiovascular health-related problems such as high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, etc., you’re likely to experience a soft or flaccid penis. These problems lead to hardened arteries, and thus, damage the muscles of the penis. This further leads to a deteriorated blood flow to the penis which causes a weak or no erection. This problem is known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

2. Hormonal Changes

The male hormone testosterone is responsible for the production of sperms. Other than sperm production, it is also responsible for bone mass, fat distribution and your sex drive (Sounds like the deal you want!). Diminished hormone levels can cause problems like ED. Soft erections are a result of endocrine imbalances.

3. Psychological Factors 

Stress and anxiety play an important role in the emotional wellness of an individual. Being conscious about sex whether you’ll be able to last long in bed or if you’re unable to achieve an erection when you’re sexually stimulated could lead to problems such as erectile dysfunction. It becomes your duty to talk about these problems with your partner and together find a solution for the same.

4. Medications or any other Drug Use


If you’re an alcoholic or a smoker, chances are that you’re more likely to experience ED. Moreover, medicines for the treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. also have a negative impact on sexual health and can cause disruption of the blood flow. These medications can affect the livelihood of a healthy young man and cause soft erections in them too.

(Remember: The prevalence of ED varies with age but it can happen to young guys as well.)

A soft penis can be a case of a health concern but it isn’t a reason to worry. You can still perform well in bed and please your partner. But how can you do it? Let’s carry forward this discussion to our next section where we’ll highlight the key points related to sexually pleasing your partner with a soft penis.

How to Please Your Partner with a Soft Penis

Have you been watching too many pornographic movies lately? Or maybe the Hollywood stuff where an intimate scene involves going down on a woman with an erect penis? My friend, if you think that sex is all about erections, then you’re completely wrong. And this shouldn’t come as a piece of news to you, but yes; millions of people are comfortable with their sexual life without any involvement of a hard or a soft penis.

So, what’s the point of our discussion here. Yes, we just talked about the underlying health concerns related to the soft penis but what if it’s not the real problem here. I mean even if you’ve got a morning wood (wake up with a boner), you’ll still lose it after some time. But what’s your ultimate goal here? To have the best sex of your lifetime, right? And you really want to know what it takes to please your partner even if you’ve got a soft penis. Well, there are certain sexual activities involved which can help you lead the path of pleasurable sex.

Stuff it Inside

While you’re taking off things slowly, gently insert your penis into your partner’s vagina. This method is known as stuffing where you just stuff it in. And as you go inside her, you can experience the pleasure it gives to you and your partner. You can make her moan by playing with her. Tickle her and give her some of those hickeys.

Ask her to Feed You


Blowjobs and Handjobs are one of the best sex stimulant resources which can help you to have the best sex of your lifetime. This involves your partner reaching out every portion of your penis gently by making use of her fingertips at first. Notice how sexy it gets when she rubs your perineum (the area between the scrotum and your anus ).

A handjob is basically when she uses her hands to play with your penis and help you to achieve an orgasm.

The real game begins when she slowly moves onto giving you a Blowjob. Ask her to go slow and suck it all. It might happen that she’s not comfortable with it and so, it’s better to ask her out. Most women are really good with blowjobs and so, it shouldn’t be a problem in your case as well. Experience how well she dwells with your flaccid penis and gives you the best of what you need.

You could use lube as well but it won’t be of any good use in your case. Lube reduces the friction but things are already slippery here, right? Reach out different portions of your partner’s body and together you can make it worth your while.

The Bottom Line

A soft or a flaccid penis can be a cause of concern if it’s due to an underlying health condition. But if it isn’t the case, there’s no reason to worry at all. If you’re worried about the size of your penis, then it’s time to completely dump this thought out of your mind. It has been seen that most men are worried about their penis sizes but when their partners are questioned about the same thing, it doesn’t really matter to them. If you’re sexually aroused or achieve an orgasm and still have a flaccid penis, it could be due to some health-related disorder such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. These health issues and treatments related to them often cause a disruption of the blood vessels of the penis and cause weak or no erections. However, sex isn’t just about erections. Sex is a game of pleasure where you and your partner need to dwell into each other’s bodies. You can take off things slowly and still please your partner in bed.

So, are you ready to jump into the bed with your soft penis?

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