Jelqing Exercises: All about the penis enlargement technique!

Most men would dig into the idea of penis enlargement. Unfortunately, in the men’s world, the ideal social narrative is that the larger the penis the better! Be it a myth or a debate that hasn’t been ended up with conclusive reports, the market for promoting penile enlargement has fostered. Men have internalized the idea of increasing the size and girth of it, by indulging in a number of medications, massages, therapies, and sometimes exercises.

Jelqing exercises are by far the most popular exercise routine that men undertake for an at-home and safe measure for penis enlargement. As this technique only requires one to have a private time and concentrate on massaging techniques on their dick, it has become a ritual for men to improve their erections, gain better length and girth of it.

While there are a lot of debates surrounding this technique and myths associated with penile enlargement, here we are trying to answer all your queries in detail.

What is jelqing?

Jelqing is an exercise technique meant for improving the size and girth of the penis. It involves applying pressure, massaging, and pulling it in a certain way so as to cause the organ to expand and grow in the size one really wants it to be in. It involves stretching exercises from the base which are both related to the hand massages and the quenching of the erectile muscles for improving strength.

To indulge in a routine of jelqing exercise one needs to lie down in a comfortable position and conduct a series of exercises on their dick with hands. Over a period of time, the exercises help build strength, length, and girth of the penis.

Does jelqing work? Is it effective?

The effectiveness of the jelqing exercise does not come with definite proof. The internet world speaks of a lot of cases where men have benefitted by practicing these exercises. In fact, some of the strong bodybuilders are known to promote exercises for a bigger better penis.

There are month-long programs conducted at some spa centers that involve teaching men and providing training. These include vitamin supplements and specific instructions guiding men on how to practice it at home. If doctors are to be consulted, these exercises are not something that a certified doctor would prefer for their patients to practice. The pulling of the penis and stretching them more than required ends up harming the tissues.

However, a lot of reports claim that the jelqing technique actually works in stretching the tissues and generation of new cells which in turn accelerate the process of growth of erection size and girth.

Jelqing exercise – the right way to do it!

Jelqing Exercise

A lot of men are interested in at least knowing how to do Jelqing Exercises. The fact that it helps stimulate or grow their size is an appealing concept. But doing it with hints is not an ideal path to follow. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to practice jelqing exercise the right way!

Step One – Warming up!

Before beginning with the exercise it is important to warm up the tissues. It should begin by taking a hot water bath or washing the genital areas with a warm cloth. This helps in improving blood circulation, opening up the cell pores, and also improving the agility of the tissues. Therefore when you conduct exercises on a warm penis, it becomes easier and more effective.

Step Two – Lubrication

Lubricating the penis is essential to get soft movements on it while exercising. This should be done with the help of water-based lubricants as they soak up quickly giving a soft feel. Avoid using massage oils for lubrication as these can result in infection and discomfort. Further, oil-based lubricants can bring in frictional burns.

Step Three – Exercise

Start by holding the base of your penis with your thumb and index finger. The palm should stay away from the genital area. Once you are ready with the OK sign, start by applying mild pressure and shifting your fingers from the base to the glans. It usually takes 3 seconds to reach from base to the top. Repeat the process at least 45 times, to begin with. In an ideal session, the exercise should be undertaken about a hundred times.

Step Four – Practice

Beginners will face some difficulties keeping up with equal pressure throughout the length of the penis. But with regular practice, the momentum of smooth pulls in good time will build up. Keeping your grip consistent, practice the exercise with a session each day! One can begin with 5 minutes of practice and conduct up to 45-minute sessions with practice.

P.S. Advanced jelqing instructions include creating pressure in the O position where the movements are close to what it is in masturbation.

Is it safe?

Jelqing Exercise

As long as practicing moves that help stimulate the organs in a similar fashion as that of masturbation is concerned – jelqing exercises aren’t going to cause any harm. It is the inappropriate movements, strong pressure, and pulls which can damage the tissues.

People practicing jelq are to practice caution first. They should be able to read all the signs of unhealthy effects on their erectile tissues to keep them safe. Any possible irritation, pain, or discomfort means you aren’t doing it right. But as long as the practice of informed exercises is concerned, it is as safe as indulging in sexual intercourse. For safe practicing here is something you can do:

  • Lie down in a comfortable position to keep penis away from any pressure
  • Start by applying mild pressure that doesn’t hurt
  • Practice only mild pulls which feels more like pleasure and less like exercise
  • Consult your doctor before beginning with a routine
  • Start with just a few repetitions and build up as and when you are comfortable

Positive results of jelqing

Jelqing Exercise

Indeed jelqing exercises have enabled a lot of men to see a vast difference in their penis size and girth. The jelqing before and after results have shown a positive graph amongst masses! It has helped men improve their erections and ability to keep erections for longer.

As the exercise helps improve the blood circulation to the erectile tissues – it is effective in even treating some early signs of erectile dysfunction. It exercises bring effective results in –

  • Increasing the length of the penis
  • Improving the girth
  • Improved the flow of blood to the penis bringing stronger and lasting erections
  • Helps in kegel exercises
  • Makes the skin more elastic
  • Aids tissue expansion for stronger muscles around penis

Alternative exercises to improve erections!

If you are still questioning do jelqing exercises work, you can try other forms of exercises that improve erections. Kegel exercises are the most popular in this respect. Kegel movements are simplified exercising techniques that do not involve pressurizing or pulling of the penis with hands but contracting and relaxing the pelvic muscles solely by muscle movements.

In men, the Kegel helps strengthen the pelvic muscles by improving the strength and agility of the penis. These exercises also support the uterus, bladder, rectum, and small intestine.

Natural alternatives to jelqing

Jelqing Exercise

As said earlier, the masturbation technique is much in line with jelqing. They both are similar in terms of stimulation, pull, and the pressure that is applied.

But while masturbation helps men get senses of pleasure leading to orgasm, these exercises are not quite meant for an orgasm. The slight change in depth of the pressure makes this a form of exercise and not an act of pleasure.

One variation that you can try with the basic jelq routine is that of covering the entire penis with palm and pulling it applying mild pressure.

The hold of the finger is replaced by an even pressure with hands. This helps minimize the chances of people causing any tissue damage while improving the pleasure of indulging in the Jelqing exercises.

Other methods of improving erections

Jelqing Exercise

Sexual disorders are common in men with a modern lifestyle. The sedentary lifestyle leaves one with no time to exercise, handle more stress, and have unhealthy diet plans. And so impotency or erectile dysfunction is one of the big concerns of men.

If you are struggling in your sex life and want to improve on your erections, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the first move to make. Eating healthy food, proper hydration, exercise routines, etc work best to improve your physical and emotional health.

Doctors advise of ED drugs like (Viagra) Sildenafil Citrate 100mg tablets and Cialis 5mg tablets for people undergoing treatments for erectile dysfunctions. These medications are extremely beneficial in bringing about firm erections for a good time. Virility drugs are proven to provide for better erections for satisfying penetrative sex.

A more advanced form of treatments like penile implants, cock rings, etc is available for people who want to fight their impotency and improve erections for healthier sex life. It depends on the extremity of the case and the choice of treatment doctors want you to undergo!


When done right, Jelqing results in improving the length, girth, and strength of erectile tissues for better erections! But it is an at-home practice that requires skills and practice. And so doctors advise you to undergo only solicited treatments that are relatively safe and easy to follow.

However, if you are someone who would like to learn the technique and enhance your penis, follow the step-by-step process of it and enjoy a rather satisfying sexual experience!

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