How to Make Man Hard Erection who have ED

The life of a guy is not as easy as it seems. Due to hectic lifestyles, numerous factors like stress, anxiety, and aging make sexual health frail at times. The problem of Erectile Dysfunction is at the top of this list.

Most of us are aware of the term “Erectile Dysfunction” yet there are so many people out there who aren’t familiar with it.

So, read it carefully fellas!

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to achieve an erection that causes an immense problem during intercourse. There are many reasons associated with E.D viz., Injury, disease, drug intake, genetic, less amount of blood supply to the genitals.

The world craves pleasurable sex but there are people who face a hell of a lot of difficulty for pleasurable intercourse. As a result, they suffer a lot by the end number of reasons by making their partner upset, getting cold criticism, low self-esteem, emasculation, and whatnot.

There are endless pop-ups on the websites and commercials from pharmaceutical companies for medicines that help to cure E.D but sadly, most people are absolutely clueless about how terrible it is for those with heart problems and other health issues.

Well! For those who are wretched because of ED and are trying to find ways to live a happy and healthy sex life, here’s a piece of good news for you. We bet this will find a way to change your lives forever FOR GOOD.

Here are the 5 Ways that make a man Hard

Acupressure to the rescue

There are some points on our body that will mediate the problem. To alleviate this situation, one should perform this daily.

  • Spleen six To find the spot, take a one hand span from the tip of medial malleolus that situates on the inside of the foot. Place your thumb there and start pressing the area where your little finger reaches on the leg that is precisely known as tibia bone. Once you press the spot gently, use moderate pressure in the clockwise direction for about 3-5 minutes daily.
  • Kidney three This spot is located in the hollow just behind the medial malleolus. The procedure over here is same as the above. Just gentle pressure in the clockwise direction on the point. This will help in fixation of kidney imbalances that are the common cause of Impotence or erectile dysfunction.
  • Beat it with thy Exercises – We are well aware of the fact how great body workout is for our mind and body. It not only makes us flexible and keep health issues at bay but also improves many problems including IMPOTENCE! Yeah, you heard that right! Wanna get hard as a rock? Well, it’s time to hit the track.


The American Journal of Cardiology confirmed that aerobics prevents problems like hypertension, obesity, and stress that are the major contributors of Impotence. It will improve your overall health by pumping immense blood to areas that are feeble.


Say goodbye to stress and stiffness by performing yoga every morning. This will keep your anxiety in control, furthermore making your genital area healthy with their numerous Asanas.

  • Swimming
    Guys! Swim your way out of a soft penis. It’s time to get REAL HARD on your workout and down there. Swimming is considered to be one of the best ways to improve blood circulation and overall body moment. It ensures better functioning of the body including private organs.
  • Kegel Exercises
    These are also considered as “pelvic floor exercises”. They are ideal for maintaining bladder control, intestine, rectum disorders, the area around genitals (that includes impotence), and muscle strengthening of the lower body. Always remember to do this on an empty stomach twice a day for 5 minutes for better sexual health. Kegel exercises can help men to last longer in bed and lead a better sex life.


Due to improper diet and continuous consumption of junk, it can become difficult for the guy to harden up. These superfoods are a savior to improve sexual-related problems including impotence. Always remember! Fruits and veggies are high in roughage and fiber.

Doctors highly recommend adding them to your daily diet. Superfoods, on the other hand, are special foods that are specifically chosen to boost certain problematic areas. In the case of Erectile Dysfunction, the army of superfoods includes –

    • Ginger – This root is a blessing to the miracle ingredient cures and prevents every health issue from acne to digestive problems and everything in between. Ginger is great to maintain sexual health as its properties improve blood circulation even in those areas that are stiff. Add this wonder to your food and detox drinks for instant results.
    • Cinnamon No wonder the root cause of 1st World War were spices! Cinnamon being the core spice. It’s the only spice that not only adds magic in food but also in your sex life. This wonder generously enhances the testosterone levels making the sex drive sky high.
    • Avocado – The Exotic fruit is best known for moisturization and sexual enhancement. Enriched with Vitamin B6 and folic acid, it helps to stabilize the sex hormones and boost the energy in the body.
    • Chocolates – Chocolates are best known for lifting the mood! The sweet seduction will be sweeter with the regular intake of cocoa in small quantities. Don’t forget “SMALL QUANTITIES” to maintain your dental health and calorie intake.
    • Watermelons – Its rich water content blended with many minerals like arginine, citrulline, and amino acid improves vascular health and water retention in the body which is good for sexual health. This fruit calmingly Improves your sex drive in no time.
    • Basil – This plant belongs to the family of Tulsi. Both of these plants are best known for its medicinal properties. It cures cough, fever, cold along with sex drive among people. Use their leaves in detox drinks, salads, dressings etc.
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Foreplay Hocus Pocus

Foreplays play a vital role during sex. Most men tend to have a soft penis because they’re focused on insertion rather than intensifying the atmosphere. Take your sexual desires to the next level by adding a hint of kink. Bring in thy toys and perform role plays. Be unusual in every intercourse. Create your own magic!

Therapeutic Oils

There are times when a spa-like body massage is all you need to stimulate the inactive areas of the body and to set the mood. The most common mistake people do is getting their bodies massaged with ordinary oil without knowing their effects.

Fret not guys! We got your back. We’ll guide you through the journey of aromatic essential oils that will boost your blood circulation and of course mood as well.

  • Lavender oil – Indulge in the enchanted vibes with this amazingly fragrant oil. It’s well known for improving sexual health issues and calming Massage hot lavender oil over your body and if in hurry, then add a few drops of this miracle oil to your bathing ritual. Just add few drops in warm water and you’re good to go.


Erectile Dysfunction is one of the greatest nightmares in the life of a man. It happens to most men regardless of any age or physical condition. Fortunately for many men, erectile dysfunction is reversible. Those who cannot get rid of it shouldn’t feel low as there are many ways that will help them achieve the hardness they want in bed.

If you or your partner is one of those, then stop being embarrassed about it and don’t part ways with your mate. It’s that phase where understanding and patience is the golden key to a relationship. In pressure, people tend to use different tactics to cure it which ends up bad for sexual health and well-being.

It is always advised to not opt for medicines and fancy supplements as they have terrible side effects. Hence, always consult a doctor before doing any experiment on your own. Have a positive approach as this isn’t the end. With the above-stated ways and remedies, you can have a normal sex life with your partner.

Work on your body consistently. Practice those exercises and improve your diet by adding superfoods.

Always remember – Anything you do or eat, the results won’t be instant. It takes time for things to change, slowly and gradually.

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