erectile dysfunction pump

Erectile dysfunction pump: The natural and effective way to lift up your sex life!

Let’s just agree that erectile dysfunction is a big problem for men! It affects not just physically but emotionally too!

The inability to get an erection can harm your self-esteem, confidence, and ability to mate with partners! And, therefore, a solution needs to be found at the earliest. Most of doctors recommend using oral medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. But these meds don’t always give the desired results, leaving men in utter frustration.

The good news is that there are other means of treating ED with natural methods. And these do not include popping of pills or visiting your doctor again and again. The Erectile Dysfunction pump is a revolutionary device that can be used in the comfort of one’s home to get positive results for erection problems. The usage of the device is getting very popular. But before you start finding ways to buy it – here’s what you need to know about the erection-inducing pump:

Erectile dysfunction pump

Erectile dysfunction pump – explained!

An erectile dysfunction pump is a device that is used to help a man achieve erections by drawing blood to the penis with the help of an air suction mechanism. While it is not a full-proof cure for erectile dysfunction, it does help in improving one’s ability to get erections while indulging in sexual intercourse. Also known by names like a vacuum pump, penis pump, penile pump, etc. it’s a non-invasive treatment where the suction is done with the help of a hand-operated or battery-operated device.

An erectile dysfunction pump is a simple mechanical device that comes with a plastic tube that is placed over the penis, a pump that is powered by a battery or hand-operated, and a band that fits around the base of the penis. When the three parts are merged and put on the penis, with the help of a button press, air suction is made on the penis leading to some pressure bringing in increased blood flow in the penis. This suction strength is adjustable in the device letting individuals have the experience as per their desire.

The vacuum pressure might take a few times to feel normal and effective for a person. Hence, it is with practice that a person will get the required effect. The penis ring at the base helps the penis increase its strength which helps a person get lasting erections.

Reasons why men prefer pump over medicines!

Erectile dysfunction pump

Medications have been one of the popular modes of treatment for erectile dysfunction. But a larger population of men is choosing penis pumps over medicines.

Medications are not as effective for some men as it is for others. Further, as medications contain nitrates, these don’t go well with patients with heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and hypertension. Other times, the medications don’t give an effect on people who have narrow arteries. This means that these men would need a much stronger dose, which given the side effects are avoided.

Medications are always taken while incurring a lot of mistakes. People continuously resort to altering the dosage of the medications advised by the doctors to suit their own needs. The erectile dysfunction pump instead is a work of physics making you get effective results without any popping of pills. Being an immediate and natural method, the pump makes people rely on its use.

The method isn’t just free of any drugs or long-term medication courses, but can also give immediate results for any time use. Unlike the pills, these don’t need a wait time. Men, who aren’t happy with medications, make a swift change to penis pumps easily!

How to use an erectile dysfunction pump?

An erectile dysfunction pump is basically a work of physics to create vacuum pressure on the penis in a very careful way. The vacuum pressure or the air suction results in the increase of blood flow in the penis which brings about an erection.

An erectile dysfunction pump needs to be assembled by adding the pump to one end of the suction tube and the ring on the other. You need to slide in the penis in the tube and with the help of the suction button, slow vacuum pressure is created until the desired effect is achieved. As the man gains a full erection, the handy elastic ring can be slid through the tube to the base of the penis. The tube can now be removed but the penis ring stays. The penis ring helps retain the blood flow in the penis leading to the erection lasting longer.

Penis rings can also be used in general to treat erectile dysfunction and aid long-lasting erections in general.

Benefits of using erectile dysfunction pump

Erectile dysfunction pump

Using a penis pump can seem like a tough task to start with, but given that it’s non-surgical, non-invasive, and does not require any injection of a drug inside the body – it’s definitely something worth a try! Unlike other methods of ED, the pump brings in a lot of added benefits to the user. This includes:

  • Low risk and complications in treating ED
  • Initial expense with less cost involved
  • Non-surgical
  • Does not react with other drugs or treatments
  • Natural treatment for ED
  • Pain-free
  • An effective method with the immediate result

The penile pump is also FDA certified, making it safer to use and more reliable!

Who can start using erectile dysfunction pump?

ED pump can be used by anyone who has been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction medically! It is also suitable for men who cannot take ED medications because of other drugs or ineffective results.

However, people should pay attention to some precautions to be taken because of their history of prolonged erection, injuries, penis curves, and any bleeding disorders. It is advisable to consult a doctor with a history of medical treatments to best get an insight into the use of ED pumps.

Risks of using ED pumps

ED pumps are to be used correctly for getting the desired results or else, they can cause injuries and can really be harmful to your sexual health. The response of the penis to the air suction depends on the usage. Some men get erections multiple times a day while others are able to get it only once.

Of course, there are risks associated with the use of ED pumps and these include getting injuries, mild bleeding, loss of spontaneity, and blue marks around the base of the penis. Sometimes, there are red spots formed on the penis which are called petechiae. There is also an added need to shave the genital area well to use the device to the utmost accuracy.

With ED pumps, the chance to be just in the moment gets lost. After a certain time of foreplay, the device needs to come in between to give the man an erection and continue the act. This might not go well with your partner and so, there needs to be a good understanding between the couple too.

People on medications for blood thinning can face issues of internal bleeding which can lead to bigger complications. Therefore, a doctor’s advice is called for before taking any risk!

Erectile dysfunction pump

Things to remember when buying a penis pump!

To buy a penis pump, a prescription from a certified doctor is necessary! It is best to get diagnosed with your erectile dysfunction problems and make an understanding of the treatment you are undergoing before starting to use any penile pumps.

One should buy erectile dysfunction pumps which are approved by FDA or are FDA certified. As most of the pharmacies don’t keep them in stock, the doctor’s recommendation in buying is crucial. You can also buy them online but pay attention to the features, FDA certification, and doctor’s approval.

Different brands bring in new technology to improve the usage of the ED pumps, it is important to choose a rather simple one that is easy to operate. The device is a one-time purchase while the accessories can be purchased as per the ongoing experiences.

Additionally, remember that a penis pump is a medical equipment that after every use shall be cleaned, sanitized, and stored. It should be lubricated well to use with ease.

The bottom line!

ED pumps are a natural way to treat erectile dysfunction. The use of the mechanical pump helps bring about an erection without any use of drugs. Although a little tricky on introduction, once you lay hands on an FDA-approved quality penis pump, a little practice goes a long way!

You should use it a few times, gain confidence, and then introduce it to your partner. It is always best to talk it out first, rather than popping the pump out in the middle of an act. With the help of different accessories like penile rings, pumps, etc. one can experiment and find the right suit for themselves.

Penis rings help in holding the erections for longer and make the orgasms more intense. Regular practice helps in making the use of the pump quick, confident, and convenient.

So, if medications have not been showing any results in getting the temperatures soaring on the bed, and erectile dysfunction pump might just be the right thing to lift up your hopes!

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