Top 7 Key Myths and Facts of Low Testosterone

Summary: Low testosterone levels are a common condition among men that is surrounded by lots of myths. It’s certainly true that levels of testosterone are hugely affected by your habits, but there are many areas of concern that people misunderstand. The majority of well-advertised testosterone boosters claim to increase levels of T but does it seem to be real? Not at all. These supplements are generally hyped a lot without benefiting your sexual health. This text will help you know myths and facts about testosterone. 

7 Myths Busted Regarding Low Testosterone:

Myth #1: A person with low testosterone must try testosterone boosters

Fact: These advertisement products are to be strictly avoided. 

Explanation: All the buyers must be aware that these oral testosterone boosters are of no use and they do not raise a few testosterone levels at all. In rare cases, it might raise oral testosterone levels but those will not pertain for a longer period. 

The most crucial reason to not go for this oral testosterone is they are toxic and might make you fall prey to other issues. It can also lead to liver damage.

 Your mind might baffle you that why are these boosters even in the market if they are not useful? The reason is they are not regulated by the FDA. Hence don’t fall for this myth and buy testosterone boosters instead use Cialis 60mg

Myth #2: Consuming testosterone supplements can lead to prostate cancer.

Fact: Testosterone supplements don’t cause harm to your prostate.

Explanation: Although men who are suffering from prostate cancer are indeed given external medications to decrease levels of testosterone in the body, that does not prove the viability of the myth.

You already know that testosterone is a crucial male sex hormone and not a cancer-causing hormone. But if your body has developed cells for prostate cancer, testosterone can support the growth. To date, there is no certain evidence that proves testosterone supplements as a cause of prostate cancer. 

Myth #3: It’s natural to have low testosterone with increasing age.

Fact: Low testosterone can occur at any age. 

Explanation: It’s completely false to believe that the level of testosterone in the male body will decline as a process of aging. Although a mild decline might happen with passing years, a sudden decline indicates a medical issue. Testosterone levels can lower at any age due to any of its vast causes. 

While you age your testes produce lower amounts of testosterone in context to when you were a teenager. Also, this does not remain to be true for everyone. The patterns of testosterone decline differ from person to person. 

Myth #4: Getting testosterone therapy will make your testicles shrink.

Fact: There’s no impact of testosterone therapy on testicles. 

Explanation: The most common myth associated with testosterone replacement therapy is it would cause fertility issues further affecting the size of testicles. This isn’t believable at all.

A medication named Clomid is employed while conducting TRT to avoid any issues with fertility in the future.

This medicine works by boosting signaling hormones secreted from pituitary glands. Further, it stimulates the production of testosterone and sperm. This medication is generally employed orally and is not injected. 

Myth #5: Having abnormal levels of testosterone is a common health issue

Fact: Having abnormal levels of testosterone is a severe issue that is not to be neglected.  

Explanation: Having low levels of testosterone might not come up at the initial stage, as it takes time to show symptoms. Hence men might know these symptoms as they grow older. But a sudden indication of low T can be the cause of concern.

This isn’t a consequence of aging but it is a symptom of any medical issues prevailing in the body. If you find your hormonal level going down, immediately get yourself screened. 

Low testosterone levels can lead to other issues in your sexual life like low libido and erectile dysfunction. Treat these conditions using Viagra

Myth #6: Consuming Testosterone supplements could increase sperm count.

Fact: There is no spike in sperm count due to testosterone supplements. 

Explanation: It might seem obvious and proportional to you that an increase in testosterone level could spike sperm count, but that’s wrong. Supplementing your body more with sex hormones could lead to a decrease in sperm count. 

At the point when your body senses a spike in the level of testosterone, the pituitary gland decreases the level of luteinizing hormone. This could further decrease sperm count in the body. This effect is actually studied by certain researchers. 

Myth #7: Raising Testosterone with supplements can increase the risk of cardiovascular issues

Fact: There is no link between testosterone supplements and cardiovascular issues. 

Explanation:  Although particular researches look into the risk of cardiovascular issues due to supplements of testosterone. It is believed that testosterone supplements could increase the chances of heart attack, strokes, and at instance death. 

Also, an investigation began to prove that these supplements must have warned about it. Although all these suspicions were made, there is no logical proof to support it. 


There is lots of misinformation all around the browser and you might fall prey to it. Never fall for any misconceptions and claims made by testosterone supplements. Low testosterone generally occurs when there is a low level of male sex hormone in the body. These myths busted above are the most common ones and you might have come across them every time. Be sure and get your hormonal levels checked regularly to play safe. 


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