how to stay hard after cumming

Simple ways to Stay Hard after Coming

Most of the men feel that staying hard for a longer time in bed increases their pleasure. Their idea of pleasure in sex is directly connected with staying power in bed. Not only staying hard till the climax, even they want to stay hard after ejaculation.

Naturally, it is not possible to stay hard after the climax. The time gap between one ejaculation and another penile erection is low in younger days. Slowly this gap increases as we age, and at one state, it gradually becomes difficult to stay hard after ejaculation for some males. Here, you need medicines to keep a penile erection after ejaculation. The first choice of males is to use Viagra 50mg for staying hard. Let us examine the role of medicines and some natural ways to stay hard after ejaculation.

Staying hard after ejaculation depends on refractory time

Staying hard after ejaculation

Refractory time is the time that it takes to get back another penile erection after the first ejaculation. Every male ejaculate after a climax in sex. The ejaculation is the end of the sex session. It is the terminal of sexual intercourse for both partners. If the climax occurs at the right time, it is the most satisfying period of sex moments for both partners. Here a man ejaculates inside his partner and his partner also comes after orgasm.

The time it takes to get back another penile erection depends on several factors. The biggest factor is age. In younger days, it is possible to get back a penile erection after some minutes after ejaculation. The younger days are the time when the sex desire is at its peak and passion runs high for both partners. This refractory time or period gradually increases with age. And at one time, it becomes difficult to stay hard after coming, for every male no matter what his health status is.

Now, there are two types of ejaculation. When a man has ejaculated fully with full satisfaction or climax, he cannot come back with an erection sooner. But if the ejaculation is not complete, and the sexual encounter is incomplete, then the erection can happen again. However, after climax the full ejaculation happens, leading to complete exhaustion of both partners. This exhaustion is sign of satisfaction in a sexual encounter.

Staying hard after Cumming – climax

The power of staying hard after ejaculation or Cumming depends on your art of foreplay. Your skill in foreplay and exploring the ways of enhancing pleasure determines your ability to stay hard after ejaculation.

The worse thing a male does in sexual intercourse is moved away from the female partner after ejaculation. It robs both partners of the best moments that occur in sex. This simple, innocuous act is the worst enemy of sexual pleasure after ejaculation. In fact, some ladies desire to cuddle after ejaculation as the best moment of sexual intercourse. Use this cuddling as a base for another sex session.

Do not move away from the partner after ejaculation

partner after ejaculation

Maintain the physical touch with the female partner even after ejaculation. Kiss her on every part of the body, do not confine yourself to usual parts like neck, lips, and breast. Explore other parts of her body, and understand what those parts which gave her immense pleasure are. Her desire to have more will fuel your desire. Let her move over your body and give you a blowjob.

You will get a hard erection within minutes. Believe me, the second session will not only last longer than the first one, but it will culminate with a body-shaking orgasm for both of you. In younger days, or in the initial days of marriage, it is easy to get a second hard erection after the first ejaculation. The problem comes in the middle years of life. Seniors and elders also face the problem of not getting a hard erection after ejaculation.

Creative use of erectile dysfunction drugs for staying hard

The creative use of erectile dysfunction will solve your problem of how to stay hard after Cumming. Anyone who wants to stay hard even after ejaculation for greater pleasure can use erectile dysfunction medicines. It also means that you can use erectile dysfunction medicines for the sole purpose of staying hard, even if you do not suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction medicines are basically made for males with erectile dysfunction. It is a condition in which males find it difficult to have a penile erection for sex. Erectile dysfunction medicines increase blood flow in the penis. The penis filled with blood enlarges and gives an erection with sexual stimulation. The higher doses of medicines like Levitra 60 mg overcome a higher degree of erectile dysfunction. The impact period of drugs 5-6 hours is enough to give you multiple erections with sexual stimulation. Normally a full tablet of erectile dysfunction medicine is used before sex to overcome erectile dysfunction.

How to stay hard after Cumming – Use of erectile dysfunction drugs   

Even when you are not suffering from erectile dysfunction issues, you can use ED medication. Learn how to use ED drugs safely for getting a hard erection after ejaculation. Keep in mind that here, you are not using erectile dysfunction medicines to overcome soft erection or dying erection.

Using erectile dysfunction medicine for staying hard after ejaculation

Take any erectile dysfunction medicine, pill, or tablet. You can also take generic versions of famous brands. The generic version Cenforce 100 mg as the same active chemicals as the brand Viagra. These generic medicines are as effective and potent as the branded ones.

Break the pill into two- halves. Take only one half with water before sex. You can wait for its impact, or you can directly indulge in sex without waiting for its impact. This is because you do not have any erectile dysfunction. You are just using it to enhance your erection ability after the first ejaculation.

Do not use pill after ejaculation- use it before first sexual intercourse

pill after ejaculation

Use half of the pill before the start of the first sexual intercourse. Since you will have a normal erection, you need not wait for the full impact of the ED pill. With normal sufficient sexual stimulation, you can have sex. Go on without fear of loss of erection. You will have the first ejaculation after the first sexual intercourse. Whatever is the time of first sexual intercourse, do not worry about it. Your next session is going to be very rewarding.

After ejaculation, relax but keep yourself engaged with the partner. By this time, the half pill would have completed its impact. Now your blood is again moving fast towards the penis. The soft tissue of your penis is full of blood. You will see an enlarged and engorged penis even after ejaculation.

The view of the enlarged and engorged penis will further enhance your desire for another sexual intercourse. Now the full potential of the half pill you used is visible in form of another hard erection. This erection will be within minutes of the first ejaculation.

How to stay hard after ejaculation with down to top method

In case of erectile dysfunction, the doctor will prescribe the best dose according to your degree of erectile dysfunction and health status. But if you want to use erectile dysfunction medicines for staying hard with any ED issue, then you need to know your perfect dose.

Follow my own formula, which is tested and verified by my own experience and satisfaction. This is known as down to top method. It involves using half a tablet of any lower dose of erectile dysfunction medicine.  Monitor the result of that half tablet. It will give you the ability to get another penile erection after ejaculation. But also note whether you felt any side effects of ED medicine. The side effects are generally few. The common side effects are a headache, dizziness, nausea, and a slight blue tint in vision in case of Viagra use, etc.

The aim should be to keep the side effects minimum, while at the same time enhancing the potential of medicine. So, starting with a lower dose and increasing gradually will enable you to come to the right dose for your degree of penile hardness.  When you find one perfect dose, never increase it. And never use a dose more than once a day. Consult a doctor only if you are on medication for some other medical issue.

How to stay hard after Cumming with a passion and lifestyle intervention

This is an important aspect of sexual life. You cannot get a hard erection without a desire to have sexual intercourse. You also need a body that can maintain stamina and endure long sexual sessions.

To achieve the first goal, have a healthy diet with vitamin B complex, proteins, and other essential nutrients. green vegetables, leafy vegetables, chicken, eggs, seeds, fruits, melon, green pepper, peanuts, cabbage, meat, seafood, beans, wholegrain, liver, nuts, citrus fruit, etc will ensure desire and libido are maintained at a healthy level for sex.

A fit body for a healthy sexual life

It is medically proved that a male with a healthy diet and weight in check extends his sexual life. Keep weight in check, keep the waist in check, avoid sedentary life, keep up an exercise regimen, and give some time to personal life. Depending on your lifestyle, you can include swimming, cycling, brisk walking, a court game like badminton, tennis, or outdoor activities in your routine.

One or a combination of a couple of these activities will increase blood and fresh oxygen supply to every cell of the body. The lifestyle diseases will also remain out of your life. Not only you will feel energized to maintain your sexual life, but you also keep erectile dysfunction at bay.

 Get into rewarding cycle

The sex in middle years is healthier than in any other time of life. The more sex in middle or advanced years, the more health benefits come your way. Here, you can also use doses like Cialis 5mg for enhanced sex life. Sex is the greatest exercise for your heart and body. The fitter the body with a healthy heart, the more you feel horny, and the more sex you do, the chances of a healthy sex life increase manifold.

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