Erection during Massage

Erection during a Massage? How to Deal with It?

It is no doubt erection during a massage happens– it isabsolutely normal.

Such erection is a common psychological response to an opposite gender’s touch– and it occurs because of sexual arousal by touch, but is not likely to have any inappropriate emotional or sexual desire.

At times, erection during a massage can be really embarrassing and prevent one to even take a muchtherapeutic massage session.

But, can you do something for it instead?

Well… yes you can. No doubt, such random erection will not only be uncomfortable for you but the therapist as well– she may stop in between as well.

In such a situation, it is important to clarify your intentions and possibly educate the therapist if she feels discomforted.

In this post, we will be discussing how to deal with erection during a massage and get things to a comfortable level.

Let’s get started!

Before we start…

Before we start. Yes, before we do– let’s just clear some questions or doubts you might have in your mind.

Not to understand the problem better, but to know that it is not anyone’s or yours mistake to get an erection during massage. Nor it is a problem– it is just common.

It is how a male’s body reacts to a female touch.

Well… would not it be better if we clear some of your frequently asked doubts about it?Doubtlessly, it would be.

Is it Normal to get an Erection during a Massage?

Is it normal to get an erection during a massage

Well… yes it is normal. It is simply how a male’s body and brain react on a female’s unexpected touch.

How common is it to get an erection during a massage?

Almost every-time. Since it is not in your control, you cannot really cause or stop it till you are well planned.

What to do if I get an Erection during a massage?

There are certain ways to get things to a comfortable state when you get such an unexpected erection.You can also do certain things to divert your mind and quickly lose sexual arousal for erection downfall.

What if I get an erection during a massage?

There are countless ways to tackle this situation. Since it is not your fault, you can confidently share what you do not have any inappropriate intentions or your erection is something that just happened.

After these questions, you must have a hint now.

Undoubtedly, there are certain ways to control such a situation– but do not consider it medically.Because that might get things worse later on.

After getting off this doubts list, we can now head to really get started.

Here we go!

How to deal with Erection during a Massage?

How to deal with erection during a massage

Like said earlier, there are several ways to avoid or control it during a therapeutic massage session.

But there are no medication which is supposed to help with it– because it is no disorder, it is how male sexual function works.

Massage may cause sexual stimulation in men which ultimatelydevelops an erection during a massage– Even if man has no emotional or sexual desire at all.

Here are some ways to help you deal with it.

Know you are not alone

Yes, you are not.

If you experience an erection during a massage does not mean you are the only one who is going from things like this– almost every men in such state experiences the same.

Not to be shocked but females also experience the same. However there arousal is not that visible, does not mean they do not go through it.

For men, yes it can be awkward.And, any man would either stop it or leave the massage session in between due to uneasiness.

Since getting an erection during a massage is not something you intentionally do, you can be confident and convincing from your side– and make the therapist contentedas well.

Distract yourself

An erection during massage is because of sexual stimulation. And, distraction is one of the ways to get yourself to the normal.

You can put on your mind on anything other than the fact you have got an unexpected erection. Either you can recall some events or you can simply start doing some random calculations.

Doing so will make arousal to break and get your organ to its normal form– or you can say, to unerect.

Indeed, insure that you are not making the therapist feel awkward of fishy while doing anything to favor your condition.

Maybe if you discomfort the therapist, she may not focus on massage, resulting in reduced effectiveness. Or, she may also leave in between.

Start a conversation

Try to comfort or convince the therapist that you are not intending to commit anything that is inappropriate. A conversation can make the erection go as well.

Start a positive conversation with the therapist, making her realize that you are enjoying the massage session and owe a good opinion for her.

Most importantly, everyone understand if you are trying to converse. The second person after you to know that you had an erection during massage is the therapist.

At most times, the therapist is known to this condition– and she might be educated about it and how to deal with the client in such a situation.

Trying to make the therapist comfortable and clearing your intent can make it easier for her to make the decision to either continue or not– most cases therapist will.

Take a pause

Similarly as the stop-and-go method, you can ask your therapist for a pause when you begin to experience an erection during massage.

Your therapist always have an idea of what is going on– and she may alsocooperate.

The moment you feel you had an erection, you can simply ask the therapist for a break giving a reason. Or, you can also talk about it honestly to her and ask cooperation.

Sexual stimulation, which causes an erection will begin to drop in some time– and soon as you feel comfortable to continue, you can request the therapist to resume.

Ask therapist to change technique

We all know that we have some pressure points in our body. And, the specific technique therapist using must be activating sympathetic nervous system– which develops an unanticipated erection.

You can always ask the therapist to change the technique or approach.

Or, you can also ask to refer you to some other therapist– if it seems like you are adiscomfort.

It id good if the therapist agrees on changing the massage technique. It indicates that you have not messed anything and she is comfortable to go on with your therapeutic massage.

If she does not, you can either leave the session or as said, ask your therapist for a reference to some other therapist. Doing so could get things normal.

These are some effective ways how to deal with erection during massage.Yes, it is embarrassing and you will have to take a stand for it before it gets you in real trouble.

Not all therapist will have a similar perspective– one may continue and another my just leave, it is just the circumstances or personal choice made by the therapist.

For a therapist’s perspective: unwanted erections

unwanted erections

By now, we have seen erection during massage from a client’s perspective. But do you know how it is for a therapist? Maybe not.

Most of the therapists are educated and understand that getting an erection while therapeutic massage in quite normal– and set themselves accordingly during the massage.

Usually, therapists themselves talks earlier or upon erection during massage, that it is common and just a male’s response to touch. This usually relieves the man that he is not making the therapist, in any way, feel awkward or uncomfortable.

However, if the therapists do not clear about the situation and feeling discomfort to continue with massaging can state her intent to the client.

The therapist may clear to the client, it is a non-sexual massage session and she has no problem to continue if the client has no inappropriate expectations. Indeed, if getting an erection during massage turns out to be aproblematicsituation for the therapist, she may leave the massage session immediately.

The bottom line: Similarly as a man feel discomforted, the therapist do too. In such a situation, it is important for both the therapist and client should clear or restate their intent to be relaxed or to comfort themselves back.


Getting an erection during massage is pretty common and most of the therapists are educated about this fact– One who understand the scenario will keep from embarrassment and discomfort.

However, if you are still find ways to get things normal quickly; distracting yourself, having a conversation, taking a pause, and asking for technique change are some good ways. Even though no medications can help.

People have always considered random erections during massage as a concern– but it is not. It is a very common male psychological response to one’s touch.

Hope you liked the post. Do share and comment down your views below!

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