USA Sex Guide: Everything You Need to Know for First Time Sex

The first time is always jumbled.

No doubt you want to give your 100%, but when it is your first time, it is going to be different than the way you ever expected it.

But, do not worry– this USA Sex Guide will get you help.

When it’s your first time, it is not just about sex, one is always concerned about how to start, how to make a partner comfortable, what about the performance, what precautions to be taken, and so on.

And, this USA Sex Guide has answers to all your how and why. Here is everything you need to know for having good first-time sex.

First time is always different, for everyone

You must have heard of the popular quote, “you will never get things the way you want”– and the same goes with sex indeed. You might have imaginary expectations about your performance and orgasm: but unfortunately, things might not go that way.

Because it is your first-time sex itself that tells your real sexual performance and orgasm. Though you cannot have complete control in sex, but can ultimately improve it a bit in some ways with this USA Sex Guide.

So, it is better to simply learn about any precautions, tips or general advice on reducing discomfort in first-time sex and just go for it.

Tips on reducing discomfort during first time sex

Tips on reducing discomfort during first time sex

It is often possible to feel discomfort while you are into sex for the first time. But, here are some general tips on this USA Sex Guide that might help reduce the discomfort and make you go well.

Be familiar with your sexual potency

Be familiar with your sexual potency

Sexual potency or strength varies person to person and when you are supposed to get into first time sex, you are of course unfamiliar with your own sexual anatomy and potency.

So, how do you get your nerves down which are obvious to get you in your first sex encounter?

Umm, keep it simple. Masturbation is certainly a good way of finding your potency. You can try masturbation 1-2 hours before getting to real sex as it may give a hint to how well and far you can go. And, also to make adjustments accordingly.

Talk to your partner if you have any concerns

Talk to your partner if you have any concerns

Remember, no one is perfect and you might have some concerns too. Instead of considering it in an embarrassing manner, it is good to discuss it with your partner and ask for support.

Sex is not all about a relationship, there is care, love and affection too. Your partner will definitely support if you ask for it: in ways he or she possibly can. Moreover, not just physical but emotional health plays a major role in sex indeed: so having a strong emotional connection and desire for sex will ultimately be a help.

Be realistic about your performance and orgasm expectations

Be realistic about your performance and orgasm expectations

First timer are often confused about sexual performance and orgasm and often set unrealistic expectations which are impossible, at least in real life. Well, where it usually comes from is ‘pornography’.

It is common to watch pornography. A study mentioned that over 80-90% men from 18-49 years of age watch pornography. On the other hand, the percentage with women drops to 70-80%.

But now, pornography is fake. A man usually finds is easier to orgasm than a woman. A man on an average can last up to 5-7 minutes till orgasm. Whereas a woman can last up to 20 minutes on the other hand.

Go slow

Since there is nothing to rush while you are making love with your partner, most couple do it unintentionally in their first time. It is obvious to be nervous and uncertain about how things will go in their first time sex, going slow is the key to avoid any discomfort.

First-timers are often encountered to have performance anxiety which lead them to premature ejaculation and/or unsatisfied sex. Just take your time and go slowly while experiencing every moment you make.

Spend time on foreplay

Spend time on foreplay

The biggest mistake ever seen a first-timer does is, he or she avoids foreplay and jumps directly into rocking the bed. Foreplay is an essential part in sex and helps in better stimulation. And the fact is, the better you are sexually stimulated, the better and longer you may go on with sex.

Give foreplay some quality minutes before you jump into sex. Well, foreplay is also a great way to get rid of any nervousness you might have. Most of the first-timers make a mess because of their nervousness to get into real sex.

Use lubes

First time sex is a different experience and often made discomforted due to poor lubrication. Get it straight and simple, lubrications make sexual friction smooth and more sensual which does not only help to avoid first time vaginal bleeding, and also improve your sexual experience. Because some STIs can develop because of blood and rough strokes, using lubes is also essential to ensure safety.

Try different positions

As a first-timer, you will always have to find out what works best for you and what your partner would like you to do. Sticking to just one position is not supposed to give you and your partner much fun. Trying different positions may boost your sexual performance and also help you last longer.

Keep checking

You cannot just be quiet and keep on going. It is not how you make things go well– sex is not just physical but emotional as well. You have to show that your partner matter to you: Keep checking in throughout intercourse and ask if she is comfortable, whether she is enjoying it, should you be going slower, and should you change position or not. This is exactly how to keep on going well and longer.

What if you are having?

Even as a first-timer, you should not be making any mess: and so we have got some sex-type specific tips on this USA Sex Guide. Know exactly what to do and what to avoid in first time sex to land it best.

Oral sex

Oral sex can be as uncomfortable as pleasing it can be– it totally depends on how you approach for it. Some common tips that will might help you not ruin it will be to: avoid using teeth on your partner’s genitals until and unless asked. Bring in the pleasure with some gentle kisses, licks and strokes. And, while giving a blowjob, do not just get it right deep in your throat if not comfortable.

Vaginal sex

Vaginal sex is the most common sex type anyone would go for. But there are some common mistakes a first-timer can do: First-timer usually avoids lubes which might ruin the experience or can get things really painful. One should use lubes while vaginal sex, especially when vagina is not too wet or is dry. Also, maintain a good hygiene if you are using fingers and be careful when using some sex toy.

Anal sex

Though it pretty depended on your partner’s preference, but if you are going for it while on your first time, using lubes is a must because like vagina, anal does not produce natural sexual lubrication. Also, do not go too quick or harsh: be gentle. And, make sure if it is comfortable for your partner.

Things to be careful about during first time sex

Sex is not as simple as it seems to be, especially for ones who are first-timers. First time sex also comes with the chances of developing some sexual disorders as well. And so you need this USA Sex Guide to have a good first time sex.


First time sex also comes with the possibility to develop some STIs (sexually transmitted disorders). First-timers usually tend to avoid taking any precautions which might often lead to STIs.

STIs can spread through:

  • Blood
  • Semen
  • Vaginal secretions
  • Genital-to-genital or other skin contact

So, it is essential to have precautions so that you do not only go well but safe indeed.

PIV sex increases possibility of pregnancy

PIV (penis-to-vagina) sex raises the possibility of pregnancy while you are not keeping any precautions. First-timers often rush to sex and avoid pregnancy protection which creates unexpected complications.

PIV sex pregnancy can be avoided through:

  • Condoms
  • Oral contraception
  • Depo-povera
  • Birth control implants
  • Intrauterine devices

These are some precautions that may prevent unwanted pregnancy because of first-time sex. And, condoms are the most common option to go for.

Common first time sex symptoms

Not just STIs and PIV caused pregnancy, there are some other common symptoms as well with higher possibilities to develop because of improper precautions taken in first time sex.

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Yeast infections
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Endometriosis
  • Cystitis
  • Vaginitis
  • Vagibismus-tightening of vaginal muscles

In addition to this, some other STIs causing discomfort may also occur:

These are some common symptoms that may occur with first time sex as well. So, talking every possible precaution is best to get everything go well.

Tips on how to have good first time sex

Being an unexperienced, it is possible that you will make mistakes or even messes that may ruin your first time sex. Here are some tips on how to have good first time sex we added into this USA Sex Guide.

Talk about it

It is not like that you directly jump into sex without even having a talk about it at all. Like said, sex is not just physical, emotional aspect plays a role too. First time sex is always filled with nervousness– and talking a bit with the partner can calm you down and make you feel more comfortable while trying to indulge into sex.

Be prepared

You do not make moments, they are eventual– as simple as that. So, always be prepared for it: take mandatory precautions and make yourself comfortable before you are indicated by your partner to get into it.

Get some enhancement

First time sex could ruin if you lose it too early: it is nothing to be worried if you feel it may be difficult for you to last longer. It is okay– it is called performance anxiety, which is common in young men. But, as a safety card, you can try some Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved enhancement pills. These include:

Understand consent

Why would you ruin your first time sex experience by doing something that seems silly? When you are supposed to get into it, know if you have a clear consent from your partner or not. If you want to make it joyful and satisfying, having a strong emotional connection is also a need. Know your partner’s consent and if he or she is prepared to get started.

Establish trust

Like earlier mentioned, emotional aspect is not just essential to have a good first time sex, but for an overall healthy sexual relationship. Establish trust for you in your partner is one of the best way to be emotionally connected and to improve your first time sex experience.

Know different kinds of sex

While you are a first-timer, you never know what is going to more enjoyable and desired for your partner: so always learn about different kinds of sex. It is not just vaginal sex to get it going, there is oral and anal sex too to make it even more interesting. Know about every type and ask your partner if you want it or your partner does.

Have fun in foreplay

First-timers often skip foreplay which is the most common yet worst mistake. Give foreplay some time because stimulation starts from foreplay itself. And, if you do not know, better stimulation pushes healthy erections and long-lasting sexual performance whether as a first-timer or experienced. Just get into foreplay, explore about what your partner likes and throw off any nervousness you are still clouded with.

Talk to each other

Sex is not just being physical, it is about making love and sharing your feelings and care for each other. Well, you must have heard that men show their and affection for physically– so why make it boring, being as if a dumb. Go wild or just have a normal talk on if he or she is comfortable and enjoying their company with you. Some warm hugs and kisses will make things better.


First time is always different and though being an unexperienced, you must not want to ruin your and your partner’s experience at all. Well, this USA Sex Guide got you the help you wanted: now just get into it and rock your love-making moment with your partner. Just know the tips and have precautions to get everything goes well.

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