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How to Control Unwanted Public Erection?

No doubt, erection is a good sign for your sexual health– while you are likely to get into sexual intercourse or to masturbate, getting a quick erection indicates that “all is well”.

Though, What if it happens in public for no reason?

That is something to really concern about. It is possible that you develop an erection as you experience sexual arousal by seeing, feeling, or touching someone sexually exciting. But, in public, it can become awkward– believe, really awkward.

But, now the question is, what triggers awkward erection in public and how they can be controlled? Do not worry, we will help you out.

In this post, we will be discussing common reasons why public erection occurs and effective ways to hide or control them. Let’s get started!

What is public erection? Is it good or bad?

public erection good or bad

We all know that getting an erection is a good sign that our sexually potency is intact. And, it is also known that we also get erections multiple times during sleep, known as “the morning wood” or “nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT)”.

But, what about public erections which can occur anytime during the day? Are they common? Good or bad?

Generally, public erections may have several reasons which lead to sexual stimulation. Fortunately, they are common and okay to have, because getting an erection upon sexual arousal is common sexual function in men.

However, men with erection in public are likely to be awkward– because public is not a place to turn on. Now, the thing that matters is, how do you hide or reinstate them to normal?

Well, there are ways.

What triggers erection in public? Reasons?

reasons of public erection

There are certain reasons that could trigger erections in public. But, why do we need to know them? Because, public display of erection ends up on nothing but embarrassment– and no one would want that to happen. Indeed, there are some things you cannot ignore or avoid; some of these reasons also trigger public erection and which you need to know about.

Some common reasons that trigger erections in public are;

Hormonal changes

Age plays a main role here. Getting random erections in public are usually because of the hormonal changes that boys undergo their puberty and teenage. During the period, testosterone levels are always fluctuation which may make someone to get an unwanted awkward erection in public. Well, since this age stage cannot be reversed or controlled, one can only try to control his public display of erection in some way.

Thinking about sex

Our sexual function is much about our psychological health. We all know that without sexual desire and stimulation, it is not possible to achieve or maintain an erection– and the same goes with public erections. Thinking about sex is normal, but when you keep it going in public, this may often lead you to awkward erection in public.

Physical touch

Well, this is the most common reason what often causes one to get an awkward public erection. A physical touch by a girl or women whom you find sexually attractive can lead to an erection– well, it is nothing to be embarrassed of, it is normal. It is how sexual stimulation works.

How to control awkward public erections?

control public erection

Well, now we are getting to this point– how you can control awkward public display of erection. Umm, you cannot change how your sexual function work, but you can definitely control in some ways.

Some common ways to control or hide awkward erection in public are;

Distract yourself

Distraction is one of the ways to quickly and easily get rid of a public erection. Simply get yourself involved in a puzzle or a mind-boggling math problem, or call one of your friends and talk on a completely different topic. This helps countering the sexual arousal maintaining the erection. It is kind of turning the focus point­– it quickly gets your mood into something in another direction.

Change your position

While you feel sexual aroused and to have a public erection, simply repose yourself. Stand, walk for a while or go for a small walk. This will relax you psychologically, as well as, it will ensure that your genitals are comfortable and not getting stimulated. Indeed, you can also get your hands in pockets and reposition your penis to control the erection.

Take a bath in cold water

If you have the option to shower, like you are in a hotel or stay where you can take a shower– just go for it. Cold water bathe can help you get rid of the sexual arousal and control your erection quickly. Well, this solution is not applicable in all situations, but yes, if you have an option to do so, it is the best and quickest one you can go for.

Flex your thighs

Got yourself in a very awkward situation and do not want to get an erection? Flexing your thigs for some 15-30 seconds can help you get rid of your public boner instantly. Well, if you are looking for a really quick way to make this happen, flexing your thigs is obviously the best to do.

Meditate for a while

Yes, meditation can help relax one– but it can also help to get rid of a public erection. Breathing meditations are great when it comes to relaxing your brain. Sneak in to a quiet place and try focus breathing. Breathe slowly and focus on its sound; deeper your breath and feel relaxed. Not just to control public erection, but it could also be a help to improve your overall body function– give it a try.

When to seek a doctor’s help?

seeking doctor's help

Random erections are not always healthy, they sometimes indicate about some potential health problems as well. However getting random erections that are controllable do not need any medical attention, but if the erection is severe and lasts for hours, it might be medically entertained.

Sometimes, some psychological health issues and blood flow related disorders can also make one get random erections at times during the day– it is really important to seek a doctor’s help and get yourself diagnosed.

Moreover, most of the times, random or public erections are not something to be worried about– they are common and can be controlled in many ways. If you experience discomfort, you can talk to a doctor about it and ask for a possible solution. Hormonal fluctuations throughout aging can also lead to erections in public, so you can also explore therapeutical options.


No doubt that public erections are normal and can be controlled. But, the challenge has always been that how can one really control it? Well, there are ways that could help quickly get rid of such random erections and avoid awkwardness. Anyways, it is not in your hand to control sexual stimulation or on the reasons that trigger random erections– though you can fix them afterwards.

Like we discussed some ways like distraction, changing position, taking cold water bathe, flexing thigs, and meditating to control public erections, you can also try some out of them. Or, if you find it a medical concern, try to seek an immediate medical help by a doctor. That’s all best you can do!

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