How 7 Key Risk Factors of Erectile Dysfunction Will Affect Your Love Life

The situation of failure in achieving and retaining an erection haunts them every time they get into bed with their partner. Men at generally subjected to a sexual dysfunction termed Erectile Dysfunction where they are not able to have healthy erections. The prevalence of this issue is increasing daily and men are tense enough to have low self-esteem. They constantly keep on trying to find out the reason and cure erectile dysfunction. This text will help you identify the major causes of erectile dysfunction. 

What are the risks of Erectile Dysfunction?

Increasing age:

It is a fact that after a certain age men will have to face a decline in their sexual health. And according to research, there is a 5% increase in chances of getting Erectile Dysfunction in men who have reached their 40s and a 15% increase for men who are in their 70s. 

It is inevitable to avoid erectile dysfunction with increasing age as you might be dealing with other chronic illnesses too. 

After a certain age, your lifestyle habits change and hence you are put at risk of developing impotence. Taking care of your well-being,  food habits and including meds like Cialis 20mg can be beneficial. 

Certain medications for Erectile Dysfunctions:

The prescription medications you are consuming presently can interfere with your ability to have erections. According to research, almost 25% of men dealing with erectile dysfunction are facing issues due to medications they are on. 

And erectile dysfunction is one of the reasons why men stop taking medications for blood pressure and depression. 

The list of medications that lead to impotence is long and it might differ from person to person. If you are consuming any medication that can lead to ED, then consult your physician. Here are medications that lead to ED:

  • Cancer chemotherapies, such as Mylan and Cytoxan. 
  • Radiation to the pelvis during cancer treatment, which can cause injuries that lead to dysfunction
  • High blood pressure medications  and diuretics such as Microzide and beta-blockers such as Inderal XL
  • Medications for psychiatric conditions, including anti-anxiety drugs, such as Paxil; antidepressants, such as Zoloft; and anti-schizophrenia drugs, such as Seroquel. 
  • Tranquillisers such as Valium and hormonal medications for treating prostate cancer, such as Eulexin and Lupron. 
  • Ulcer treatments, including histamine H2-receptor antagonists such as Tagamet.
  • Antihistamines that are used to treat allergies, such as Benadryl.
  • Antibiotics for treating fungal infections of the skin, such as Nizoral.

Stress and anxiety:

Stress and anxiety can lead to the majority of problems in the human body. From heart attacks to failure in erection, stress can oversee all of them. 

Many times due to varied reasons men might face anxiety and stress that could hinder their ability to have an erection. This anxiety might also be due to a disturbing experience or any previous instance. 

Hence battling emotional stress could be a good idea to cure erectile dysfunction. Consult a doctor as soon as possible or if needed then move to a therapist to solve your issues. 

Any Injury:

Erectile dysfunction can also arise due to damage or injury to nerves, arteries or veins in the pelvic region. This injury could hinder the functioning of the body and lead to issues with erections. 

And when a man has an injury in the spinal cord he is subjected to a high risk of erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory issues. But it is not necessary every time, there are chances when men with spinal cord issues attain arousal and have ejaculation for non-genital stimulation. Even though sexual desire is still present but it can be harmed by that trauma. 


Erectile dysfunction arises commonly with both types of diabetes. The chances of becoming impotent doubles when you have had diabetes for a longer span. 

This issue worsens when your level of sugar is uncontrollable. And if it is accompanied by complications like high BP and cholesterol you will have to toil harder to avoid it. A man with increased levels of diabetes must avoid smoking as it could add up to the condition. 

Both diabetes and heart issues are interlinked and men who have both of these are at 9% more risk of ED than men who don’t. 


It is already known to everyone that erection is all about proper blood flow to the penis and hypertension can hinder that. Generally, the issues that impact the heart or any other part of the cardiovascular system have a huge consequence on erectile capacity. 

There is no clear evidence of how hypertension could lead to erectile dysfunction but instead, pressure on blood vessels could lead to tears and wear. 

This could further lead to the thickening of veins and a decrease of blood to the tissues. Not only hypertension but its medications too could lead to erectile dysfunction. 

Hormonal imbalance:

The hormonal level is very important for maintaining healthy sexual functioning. While a person is under stress or facing any medical issue there can be alterations in the production of the hormones.

 Low sperm count and low testosterone levels can be the two main reasons that could lead to erectile dysfunction. 

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone that is necessary for various reasons. You must get your levels checked soon. You can cure erectile dysfunction due to an imbalance in hormones using Cenforce 120 mg. 


There are plenty of contributing factors for erectile dysfunction and hence you will have to stay aware. Live a healthy lifestyle and quit smoking to avoid any hindrance to erectile dysfunction. 

Having all other physical disturbances such as diabetes, high bp, and high cholesterol could worsen the issues. Also on the other hand erectile dysfunction could be an indication of diseases prevalent in the body. Be cautious and spontaneous to reach out to the doctor if you sense any issues. 


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