Does Late Marriage Affect Couple’s Love Making?

The world is changing and so is the tradition of Marriages. Some are getting married earlier while others are late. But does it matter whether you have late marriages? Yes for sure it does. It is crucial to get married at a time if you want to enjoy it to the fullest and make your relationship stronger. A survey was conducted that found out that the couples who married on time were healthier. Men when they get married on time they have fulfilled sex lives and hence can bond best with their partners. But what happens when you get married late? No idea! Read this text

What Does It Mean By The Term Late Marriages?

If you have a glance at the scenario before a few years or even a decade you will find out t that women were made to get married soon. After they complete their schooling they are asked to get married and start their families as soon as possible. But now that’s not the scenario. 

Girls now are empowered and hence want to fulfill their dreams and delay their marriage. This seems to be a great way that leads to women’s empowerment. Women in their 20’s are more interested in exploring and living their dreams, rather than starting a family. They want themselves to earn a good living and then get married. 

Also, This is why they push their marriages from the late 20s by their preference. Men too are more interested in settling their lives before tying knots. Earlier as girls were getting married early men too we’re married at the same age. 

Still, men earlier had the choice to push their marriages to the mid-20s. Late marriages are referred to as pushing the age of marriage in context to earlier beliefs. This has both benefits and drawbacks and hence you must be ready for both. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Late Marriages?

Adjustment issues:

It is generally believed that a person can easily adjust with another person when they are younger. The most beneficial part of early marriage is you are still young and can alter your habits. But when you stay single and self-dependent for a longer time it becomes your habit and then you won’t like to adjust or change according to any person. Living on your own is ok but after some time you will have to get a life partner for yourself. 

Enthusiasm fades away:

One of the most important things in married life is to have that zeal for a lifetime. With increasing age, you will feel a decline in energy and excitement. While you are young you want to enjoy your freedom and make memories, that’s ok but marriage needs your energy. 

You will have to pour in a certain amount of enthusiasm in your married life to make its pillar stronger, after all, you have to stay for life. The majority of people have had their fun earlier and in late marriages, they don’t care about their better half. 

Low sex drive:

When you opt for late marriages you have already spent the majority of time on your career line. You have streamlined your focus on your career and you have less time for your partner. 

Sex is the binding pillar of married life and you will have to prioritize it. Men generally feel that sex is very crucial and it is the only thing through which they can show care, love, and affection. 

After a certain age, the sex drive of women decreases and they become less interested in sex. This is what affects men and makes them dependent on meds such as Cialis.

Hurry to have kids:

Once a couple is married both the families ask them to have a kid as soon as possible or they will pass by. But in case if you are married earlier you will still have time to delay kids. 

On the other hand, if you get married late you will have less fertility period left, and chances of conceiving decline. Hence you will have to get kids faster and will get less time to settle with each other. 

Your honeymoon phase will shorten and people will constantly advise you to have kids. Hence timely marriage is also advantageous. 

Do late marriages affect men’s sex drive?

It is evident that with increasing age men are subjected to certain issues like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. This makes them shift to Viagra 200mg and hence their sex drives are affected. 

Men are generally thought to prioritize sex lives and decline in that could affect them. As a man’s body ages his testosterone level declines and his body changes to a great extent. This is certainly devastating for both men and women. Hence late marriages could adversely affect your sex life. After certain year’s you will have to adjust and won’t have a sex drive as you had it in your youth. 


Early marriages don’t mean that you should get married once you are 18, but you must get married when you are young. This is because at that point in time you are subjected to changes and have the enthusiasm to live life. 

This will bring strength to your relationship and you can live your sex life to the fullest. Men can have the best ability of lovemaking till they are young. After that, they will face some illnesses and issues. Hence it’s advisable to get married at the right time. 


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