Can Erectile Dysfunction Rings Bring Your Sex Life Back?

For a man, sexual impotence is a big issue. So much that a large section of men doesn’t even talk about it! Diagnosing erectile dysfunction is in itself a big challenge in men. A recent study shows that about 40% of men in the age bracket of 18 to 70 go to the doctor only when they doubt having a serious problem. That is a lot of untreated sexual disorders!

Millions of men are opting to treat their problem of impotence with oral medications available in local pharmacies with ease. But these aren’t always beneficial in the treatment or bring in the desired results. Erectile dysfunction rings or the cock rings, penis rings, etc are some of the trusted methods of treating erectile dysfunction in men.

Not a very large percentage of men prefer it above the oral medications prescribed by the doctors, but due to its commendable results and easy process – the penile rings are becoming popular for treating ED.

Penis rings – A mechanical device for sexual stimulation!

Erectile dysfunction rings for better libido

Erectile dysfunction rings are known to us in a variety of names – constriction rings, penis rings, cock rings, etc. It is a medical device used by doctors to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

When the oral medications or therapies don’t make an effect, these are used to stimulate the erectile tissues and cause an erection.

There can be a ton of reasons for a man’s impotency including stress, physical attributes, other diseases, medicinal effects, or sometimes something as simple as unhealthy diets. Knowing about the potential reasons is the first step towards the treatment of erectile dysfunction!

Men experiencing difficulty in getting or keeping an erection upon sexual stimulation resort to oral medication, lifestyle changes, and more. But it is when these changes don’t bring about a significant benefit, a penis ring is a medical device that is used. It is a physical stimulation method where the ring is worn around the penis to constrict the testicles. The ring is designed with a stimulation technique that helps squeeze the blood into the penis and bring about an erection.

How do cock rings work?

Erectile dysfunction rings for sex

To understand how cock rings work, it is important to first know how a natural erection occurs. When a man is sexually stimulated, certain chemicals are released. These chemicals aid the blood flow to the erectile tissues. The rushing blood to the penis causes an erection. And it is this increased flow of blood that keeps a firm erection steady for long.

But for men who have issues of erectile dysfunction, it is either the blood flow to the penis that is hampered or the rushing back of blood to the vessels in a short span of time that makes them lose their erections. With cock rings worn around the base of the penis, there is stimulation in the penis tissues.

Blood enters the penis and the man experiences a firm erection. The cock ring also saves the blood from rushing back into the blood vessels helping the erections to stay firm for longer. The penis ring thus helps control the flow of blood to the penis and brings a healthy erection.

Who all can use penis rings?

Erectile dysfunction can be frustrating for men in general. It can affect their confidence, relationship, and even stress levels. And so getting treatment is important to promote sexual wellness and lifestyle balance. Penis rings have been strongly recommended by doctors to men who aren’t ready to take oral medicines for their treatments.

The penis ring is a small medical device for the instant occurrence of erections, can be useful to men who are beginning to experience soft erections or have troubles keeping up with one. Erectile dysfunction is one of the occurrences with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.

The medicines prescribed by the doctors for treatment of these diseases often interact with the generic ED drugs causing health problems. Men looking for a healthier alternative can use penis rings as their aid in treating erectile dysfunction. These can also be used by people looking for intense orgasms.

How to choose the right penile ring for you?

Erectile dysfunction rings for better sex

Penile rings or the cock rings are available in several variants in the market. With evolving technology come new designs and mechanisms to make penis rings that suit individuals perfectly. Choosing the perfect ED ring is a matter of trial and error, considering the factors of size, material, and the pressure it provides – it is important to know the basics.

  • The size of penis ring for an individual depends on their penis size. The circumference of the penis has to be measured and converted into the penis ring size with the brands. Depending on what qualifies as a perfect fit, a cock ring is chosen.
  • The penis tension metrics are- low, standard and high, depending upon the effect suggested by the doctors.
  • Displacement is a major factor to consider. Here the thickness of the ring controls the blood flow back into the vessels. Therefore the thicker are the rings, better is the performance.
  • Penis ring materials hold importance too as they extend comfort and care to the sensitive area. The penis rings are designed with special material to aid better comfort.

P.S. It is advisable to get your penis measured by a doctor and get recommendations before choosing an erectile dysfunction ring from online pharmacies.

How to use a cock ring?

Erectile dysfunction rings how to use

Designed to circle around the penis from the base, a cock ring promises to improve the stiffness of the erections and aid in bringing a more intense orgasm. Upon recommendation from the doctor and having purchased an erectile dysfunction ring that fits your penis, it is crucial to know how to include it into your sexual intercourse routines.

Cock rings can be worn over condoms for safer sex. Be careful to wear your condom first and then push through the penile ring without tearing the condom apart. Cock rings are to be put on a flaccid penis.

So when you are sure you are about to get into an intimate moment with your partner, slide in a clean ring around the penis and fit it firmly on the base of the shaft. This enables it to fit at the right place and begin the stimulation process.

When you are into the moment, the rise in sexual desire combined with the stimulating effect of the ring helps the blood flow to the penis improve giving about an erection. You can mindfully indulge in quality sexual intercourse with your partner with your penile ring still on. A penis ring can also be used with a condom for safer sex. For this, you need to first wear the condom on the flaccid penis and glide it to the base carefully.

And thereafter slide in the penis ring carefully over the condom. Make sure the penis ring doesn’t scratch on the surface of the condom as it may lead to friction, tear, or even worse – breaking of the condom. As the sexual stimulation begins you shall experience a firmer erection that lasts long.

P.S. Do not wear cock rings more than 20 or 30 minutes into the intercourse. Wearing these for a prolonged time can lead to health complications.

Is it safe to use?

Erectile dysfunction rings safe to use

There are myths associated with the use of penis rings making people ask ‘are cock rings dangerous?’. While some believe it can bruise the intimate parts, others think penis rings are meant for just men with erectile dysfunction.

With an ample number of inhibitions associated with the use of penis rings, one should consider that it is the constructive use of the medical device that brings in safety and enjoyment.

A Penis ring is a constructive device that has to be worn around the penis for firm erections and intense orgasms. Of course, there are safety guidelines to follow when using them on you! (Too much of everything is bad! Remember?) While using it safely and as per the limitations does not bring any side effects, being explorative with the device is where the concern arises. Here are some safety concerns to keep in mind.

  • It can be risky to use cock rings if you experience some sort of pain after wearing it.
  • Penis rings can bring numbness or pinching effect on the penis which in some way or the other can be damaging your skin on the penis.
  • Any sort of swelling, bulginess, or unusual redness needs to be addressed at the earliest.
  • An ill fitting penis ring might not provide the suitable results or can be tough to take out. Choosing a appropriate size is important!
  • Wearing penis rings for prolonged period can bring in the risk of gangrene
  • Recreational use of penis rings at close intervals can hamper the natural blood supply to the penis, making it lack oxygen and eventually lose its health!

It is best to stick to the doctor’s advice and use them for just the time and process they are suited for!

Take Away!

In men, the probability of encountering erectile dysfunction increases with age. While sometimes the problems are difficult to answer, it is beneficial to seek proper treatment and use medical devices like cock rings for better sexual wellness. Discover the treatment processes available to you and choose the right penis ring to get an uplifted sexual experience. Shatter the myths associated with impotency and indulge in better sexual intercourse with ED rings!

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