Refill Reminder

Re-Fill Reminder

Along with the other optimum level services offered by, we are launching a new service for our customers, known as Refill Reminder. This service will intimate our customers about the refill of their medications and fulfil their refill in a timely fashion.

Working of this new Service

The customers will be intimated an option to click by which the customers can opt for the Refill reminder service. As a part of this service, our customer service agents will notify the customers about the refill of the medications, if they have not refilled according to the schedule.

The customers will be notified only if they have requested earlier for the same and only on the chosen days. If there is a case when you don’t need the reminder or you want to change the frequency of the notification, you can do so easily from your account settings.

You will be asked to check the refill reminder option at the time of placing the order and during the checkout in the shopping cart. In this option you will be asked for your consent to use this service as well as notification mode and notification frequency.

In case you require the medications earlier than the schedule you can also call us.

We want to assure here that the refill will not be shipped or billed, until we receive verification from your side. This service is also offered by our agents to the customers, who can call us during the business hours.

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