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It’s a common misconception that females don’t suffer from sexual disorders like men. Well, the truth is always bitter & the bitter part of it is that yes, females do suffer from sexual disorders.
Lovegra Tablets 100 mg are specially designed for women to get rid of those sexual illnesses. Sexual arousal plays an important role in the lives of two partners. A healthy sexual relationship becomes a deciding factor of how long the two lovebirds will stay together. When a woman reaches the stage of menopause, these kinds of disorders tend to arise.
With our Lovegra tablets, leading a better lifestyle becomes a lot easier. These tablets contain an active ingredient called Sildenafil Citrate which is also used in Viagra. These tablets take effect within 30-45 minutes of consumption. They increase the blood flow & sensitivity in the vaginal area. This ultimately leads to better lubrication & increased rate of sexual arousal during intercourse.
The effect of Lovegra stays for up to 6 hours. It is advised to consume this medicine with a glass of water. Moreover, any fatty meals should be avoided before taking this medicine.
Common side effects of Lovegra include headache, blocked nose, facial redness (also known as flushing), mild nausea etc.
Don’t feel sorry when you can easily fulfill yours and your partner’s desires. Buy Lovegra now from our website at discounted prices.

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