Rose Hip, Rose Hep or Rose Haw, it is the fruit of the rose plant which has reflected many benefits. This fruit is also known as the dog rose fruit, hip-berries, hip fruit, hop fruit, and brier hip. Generally, it appears as a red or orange colour but, as we know some species have different quality so that the colours range from dark purple to black.

This fruit starts to grow during early summer and ready to rip in the late summer or early autumn. It is good for various health issues as rosehip contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is good to treat diseases like colds, flu, and vitamin C deficiencies.

However, the ripen rose hips has two varieties such as Rosa gallica and Rosa canina, which are belonging to Europe, Asia, and North Africa. One of the main reasons to use this supplement is that it is good for your skin and has no side effect. It is an extract from the natural rose fruit. There are also many benefits of Rose Hip Extract supplement, which will be presented separately.

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