All About Erectile Dysfunctiona and Treatment

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We are going to discuss about erectile dysfunction and how you can treat them.

Erectile dysfunction means the inability to obtain or maintain an erection long enough to have penetrative sexual activity. Men with diabetes have an increased risk of developing erectile dysfunction compared with men without diabetes. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction combined with diabetes is up to 70%. Nerve damage can occur as a result of the high concentration of blood glucose associated with diabetes. Diabetes is the single most common systemic disorder associated with erectile dysfunction because it has both vascular and neurological components . Erectile dysfunction may be associated with poor glycaemic control, and therefore the chance of spontaneous improvement of erectile function in men with diabetes is small. You can also take Sildenafil Citrate 50mg or higher dosage after consulting your doctor.

Erectile dysfunction in diabetes


Erectile dysfunction in diabetes has many potential causes, including the specific diabetes complications of neuropathy and vascular disease, as well as conditions commonly associated with diabetes, such as hypertension, use of various medications or psychogenic factors. There is abundant evidence that sexual function declines with increasing age even though interest in sexual activity may remain.


The Massachusetts Male Aging Study is probably one of the best population based survey of the frequency of erectile function. Significant erectile failure in men with diabetes was reported as high as 59% of all men with diabetes over 18 years. Previous data from studies have recently been criticised for being obtained from a very select population.

Although the data were derived from interview, the patients were all volunteers; many were either in prison or had spent a long time away from their partners and, indeed, they included relatively few men over the age of 55 years (Eardley, 2003). It is well established that erectile dysfunction is a serious condition that becomes more common as men age. Many older men, however, report that they are never questioned regarding their sexual function even though older men can still have satisfactory erectile capacity and enjoy satisfying sexual relationships.

Professionals have been shown not to discuss erectile dysfunction with patients even in the presence of multiple risk factors. The presence of erectile dysfunction can reveal as yet undiscovered neurolovascular and psychological disorders including, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, depression and anxiety.

Erectile dysfunction is one complication of diabetes for which treatment is rationed. Despite considerable public debate there has been no formal assessment of the views of patients on the priority of treating erectile dysfunction .Sex is an important part of an intimate and happy relationship for most couples whether in younger or later life. A disappointing or unfulfilling sex life can often damage a relationship, leaving either partner feeling alone, insecure and often embarrassed to seek help and/or to start a new relationship. Not enough men and their partners understand that one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction is diabetes and, more importantly, that something can be done about it. This article will look at three different patient case studies, concentrating on the aetiology, treatment options and the views of the patient.

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