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How much Icariin Equals to Viagra?

How much Icariin equals to Viagra_

You must have heard of horny goat weed or Icariin supplement which is often suggested to be taken as an alternative Viagra (sildenafil) for male sexual problems. Even some studies have claimed that Icariin can work as if sildenafil in the system and boost male sexual health. But, the trouble arises when it comes to […]

How to buy Cialis without a doctor prescription?

Cialis without a doctor prescription

It is well known that Cialis and other erectile dysfunction medicines are prescription based. But the question is, whether it is possible to buy them without a prescription? Umm, that’s a pretty complicated question to be answered. Well, there are some ways you can buy Cialis with no prescription– but it is not always the […]

How to Control Unwanted Public Erection?

public erection

No doubt, erection is a good sign for your sexual health– while you are likely to get into sexual intercourse or to masturbate, getting a quick erection indicates that “all is well”. Though, What if it happens in public for no reason? That is something to really concern about. It is possible that you develop […]

One Simple Trick to Cure ED You Need to Know Now

one simple trick to cure ED

You must have heard of dozens of treatments and methods to improve male erection issues. But, have you ever thought that you need nothing but “one simple trick to cure ED”? Yes, you heard it right. No doubt, there are several treatment options but in most cases, they lack in giving the expected results. But, […]

Erection during a Massage? How to Deal with It?

Erection during Massage

It is no doubt erection during a massage happens– it isabsolutely normal. Such erection is a common psychological response to an opposite gender’s touch– and it occurs because of sexual arousal by touch, but is not likely to have any inappropriate emotional or sexual desire. At times, erection during a massage can be really embarrassing […]

Cialis v/s Flomax

Cialis vs Flomax

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a type of sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to get or maintain a firm erection of the penis during sexual activity. It can be treated with drugs like Viagra, Cialis etc. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) BPH is an age-associated condition of an enlarged prostate. In this condition, the urinary stream may be weak, and one might have to […]

How to Get a Hard on Instantly?

How to get a hard on instantly

First, you need to understand from where the erection process takes place and how does this proceed to its next phase. How does erection begin? The process of erection begins from the mind, it’s a kind of provocation that takes place when you have seen, felt, smelt, observed, thought or heard sends signals or chemical […]

How To Use Aloe Vera For Erectile Dysfunction

How to Use Aloe Vera for Erectile Dysfunction

The Usage of Aloe Vera in Health Science Been Initiated in The Ancient Time Aloe Vera is a widespread plant we can see everywhere. It has various benefits while giving healthy skin and happy digestive system. Most of the DIY videos you can see online nowadays, use contains the plant extract as one of their […]